Star Wars

Forest Madness

Episode #30

The team returns to the forest ‘droid-trader’ world where Shunari’s men are repairing their ship. They find out that Allen has had a breakdown due to having flashbacks to his time in the swamp on Hassan. They also find that the battle droids have gone into the forest for a little R&R. The team tries to find them, but finds little to indicate where they are except for a faint power source.

The team ventures out and soon encounters one of the battle droids being attacked by several ‘wire droids’ … they soon attack the group. Donovan tries to communicate with the droids and finds evidence that they are angered by what’s going on with the droid-trade on the planet. Donovan tries to break through further and finds that after breaking through some security systems, that some droids shut down after pointing towards a cave. Leaving RX and Sorath, he ventures to the cave while trying to shut more droids down. Unfortunately, a miscommunication in one of his data packets causes a giant bipedal scorpion droid to attack, armed with two of the battle droids as weapons! Donovan quickly falls to the droid which uses its tail to manipulate him like a puppet as it made its way towards Sorath and RX.

Sorath and RX, covered in wires from the destruction of many droids, see the scorpion droid coming, but still had to fend off more wire droids. Unfortunately, Sorath takes a nasty hit as he delivers his own devastating hit and is taken out of the battle. RX engages the scorpion and manages to finish it off… barely.

RX stims the party and they make their way to the cave, finding a mad science droid who was putting together droid amalgamations, including starting work on the battle droids. Sorath quickly puts an end to him and the team walks away with their battle droids and many droid parts.



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