Star Wars

Reminders of the Past

Episode #27

The team lands on the planet in the Hassan system, but are heavily damaged by anti-aircraft weaponry. Upon leaving the ship, the team is attacked by a group of spice addicted bandits, but the team wipes them out. The team figures out that these bandits are most likely part of the spice addicted ship from an earlier mission.

The team enters the slaver facility and finds Annubin North and several living Trisirus, albeit in cages. The team takes some time to reprogram the anti-aircraft weaponry. Upon further exploring, several more spice addicted bandits attack, but as soon as they are wiped out, several more attack, but this time they are crazed with metal pieces sticking out of their skin, giving evidence that this is the metal spice. After defeating them and find more dead bodies, the team enters the security room and finds a message to the team from Thes who admonishes them for not taking her up on her deal and then tells them that she’s called the Imperials to this world.

The team scrambles and grabs North and the Trisirus before jumping into the ship. A star destroyer jumps into orbit and lets loose TIE fighters. Donovan buys the team some time by activating the anti-aircraft weaponry which takes out one fighter. The team makes it to space, but is nearly destroyed by a huge blast from the star destroyer. At the last second, the team jumps into hyperspace.



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