Star Wars

The Assault on Hassan Part 1

Episode #31

The team meets up with Kuna back at the mining colony and works out a plan. Knowing that they’ll be wanted by the Imperials, Kuna convinces the team to dismantle any of their own droids (including RX) and let her freeze the non-droids in carbonite in order to prevent detection. The team reluctantly agrees, telling her to deliver them to Mythus Reth.

The team awakens in the Trisirus library, with Mythus standing over them. They discuss the Rotor situation and he informs them that he has heard the Rotor knock back at the quarry where the live Oort was discovered. They discuss other things, but it’s become obvious that Mythus is NOT happy that they removed the Glorium battery from Fritz. He also mentions that the Imperials are doing a lot of research into cybernetics on Hassan.

The team eventually leaves the library and establish a base in some of the old city’s wrecked buildings. They soon hear the sound of TIEs as several bombers come out and bomb a site a few miles away. This is soon followed up by several platoons worth of Storm Troopers and AT-STs. The sounds of battle could be heard well into the night before it went silent and the the Imperials leave.

Sorath scouts the scene and finds a destroyed raider base. He soon is ambushed by a raider named Gar who Sorath quickly disables, but makes sure not to kill. He drags the man back to the base and it’s quickly discovered that this was a raider team working with Tyrral, but was soon betrayed and wiped out (though Gar found out that the boss got a note telling the boss to leave before the imperials go there). Gar agrees to help them, though his frustratingly low intelligence baffles the team a bit. He mentions that several of his people have been disappearing over time. He also has a cybernetic arm which while pretty ordinary on the outside, is transmitting a lot of data to a location in the city (not the government building). Donovan disables this transmission, hoping to lure the Imperials.

Meanwhile, After finding a potentially useful vehicle that is disabled, Kuna heads to the city ato gather up supplies to fix it and also scout out security measures.



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