Star Wars

The Assault on Hassan Part 2

Episode #32

The team works out a strategy to get at Tyrral Talus. The team sends Kuna and some of her men into the main city to get a base and then the rest of the team sneaks through the sewers, disabling probe droids to avoid detection.

During the trip in the sewer, the team finds a groove in the sewer walls being carved as they run. The team was unable to figure out what was causing it, but it seemed similar to what a lightsaber could do.

The team makes it into the city and meets up with Kuna’s people before the team is discovered.

The team discovers that an executive meeting is occuring at the cybernetics lab, so they opt to go to an executive’s home in order to ambush the executive when he gets home.

After successfully breaking into the home, the team manages to get into the executive’s home office and break into his computer where they discovered that the focus of the cybernetics lab is transhumanism.



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