Star Wars

To Save a Betrayal Part 2

Episode #29

The team plans out their attack on the enemy and comes up with a plan that will prevent them from being incriminated. They eventually corner the enemy along with some of his cronies. After a brief battle, the enemy is captured, knocked out, and then spaced.

The Transdoshan, satisfied with their mission, gets them a shuttle to the gang base. There, they meet Dash Trills, the gang leader who tells that he’ll have a job for them to do. He introduces them to the Weequay, Kuna. Kuna shows the team around, but pretty much restricts them to their own rooms, the cafeteria, or the gym. They are kept this way for several days and the team grows frustrated with the lack of a mission. The only thing that the team noticed was that people were asking quite frequently if they were willing to kill Imperials. After admitting eventually that they’ll do it if the price is right, they are brought to Jom’s room, who, after showing complete surprise that it was them, tells them that while this is a criminal base, Dash is a rebel supporter and allows him to work there. Jom offers them a deal. Work for the rebellion and have access to this station as their base along with the resources that it offers. In trade, they’ll do some work for the rebellion, including taking out Tyrral Talus. The team agrees.



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