Dr. Tuukka Rask

"What seems to be the trouble, son?"


Human – Colonist – Doctor
Motivation – Freedom
Obligation – Bounty 10 pts (fraud)
Favor – Mercenary group

Brawn 2
Agility 2
Intellect 3
Cunning 2
Willpower 2
Presence 3

Soak 2 +1 armor
Wounds 12
Strain 13
Defense 0

Class Skills
Medicine INT 3 (+1 adv die for medkit)
Education INT 3
Core Worlds INT 1
Lore INT 0
Charm PRE 1
Cool PRE 1
Leadership PRE 1
Negotiation PRE 1
Deception CUN 0
Resilience BR 1
Streetwise CUN 0

Bonus Skills
Ranged Light AG 2
Vigiliance WILL 1

Surgeon 1/2 = +2 wounds healed on successful check
Grit = +1 Strain Thresh
Simpack = make an average check, tgt gets +1 to selected attribute

Heavy Blaster
Combat Knife
Heavy Clothing
General Purpose Scanner
12 stimpaks
data pad
glow rod
utility belt
breath mask
3 blaster reloads
glorium sample
fine food and drink 500 cr
2000 cr (at 7/3)

XP Earned 60
XP Spent 50

Education +1 = 15
Medicine +1 = 15
Ranged Light +1 = 15
Charm +1 = 5



Dr. Tuka Rask (Colonel, Ret, GAR) graduated from the First Republic Medical Academy of Coruscant at the age of 25 standard years. As a new doctor, he volunteered to serve in the Grand Army of the Republic Medical Service at the dawn of the Clone Wars. Soon, Rask found himself in the midst of deadly warfare, with hundreds and thousands of clones wounded and killed in battles. Rask spent hours in surgery daily, trying to save lives.

Rask was decorated for valiant service on the front lines of the Clone Wars. He rose to the rank of Colonel, commanding the 253rd Mobile Field Hospital, which treated more than 30,000 clone troopers during the war. Mobile Field Hospitals were instrumental in returning damaged troopers to operational status, sustaining a stream of reinforcements to repel the near-limitless droid armies.

However, the stress of the war weighed heavily on the doctor’s mind. He was reviewed and treated several times for psychiatric health reasons. Rask began the war to protect the Republic from the Separatist threat, but he ended the war with a bitter contempt for what he saw as a corrupt, inept Republic that needlessly wasted thousands of clone lives.

After the war, Rask returned to Coruscant and was given a post as the director of the Fobosi District Medcenter. Rask ran the center efficiently with high marks for treating a high volume of patients. But Rask used his administrative expertise to carry out a new form of public service – billing the Republic Health Administration extravagantly for medical services rendered and pocketing sums of money for his own enrichment.

Eventually, auditors discovered Rask’s fraudulent criminal activity; charges were filed and an arrest warrant filed. However, the slow pace of the investigation gave Rask ample time to flee the planet for an unknown destination.

Rask is extremely intelligent and strong-willed, a highly competent surgeon, doctor and administrator. He is cool under pressure, disciplined in behavior, somewhat lacking in empathy, and filled with resentment toward all forms of government and authority. Rask is believed to be serving as an mercenary doctor, despite having all of his licenses and credentials cancelled.

Rask has had basic weapons training and should be considered armed and dangerous. If located, Rask should be returned to custody to answer for 89 charges of felony fraud, being an unlicensed medical practitioner, evading arrest, and other misdemeanor charges. The standard bounty will be awarded upon his return to custody.


The Rask family has resided on Coruscant for generations, and many Rasks have served in governmental or administrative posts.

Aatu Rask, father of Dr. Tuukka Rask, currently serves as Deputy Central Functionality Coordinator of the Chief Division Strategy Committee for the Imperial Office of Personnel Management . McCoy2.png

Erja Rask, his mother, is a Chief Response Facilitator for the Imperial District Directives Orchestration Department.

Jamillia Rask, Rask’s wife, is a human Nabooan. She currently works as a fine artist dividing her time between residences on Coruscant and her parents’ home in Theed on Naboo. Her works are exhibited in fine art galleries across the Inner Rim. Theron.jpg

After Rask was charged, his parents issued a statement.

“We regret that the stresses of the war caused our son to act irresponsibly and abuse the responsibility entrusted to him by the Republic. We hope that he will come home to pay his debt to society and to allow us to help him heal from the suffering caused by the war. In the meantime, we ask all interested parties to respect the privacy of Tuukka’s wife and children, who will remain with us while he is off-planet.”

The Rasks are educated, well-to-do, and enjoy a superior standard of living. For instance, Dr. Rask is known to have vacationed on Alderaan and Naboo in high style after leaving Republic service and is known to have enjoyed access to exclusive restaurants, nightclubs and other entertainments with his wife while residing on Coruscant.

All of the named persons have been interviewed thoroughly and claim to have no knowledge of Rask’s actions or whereabouts.


Rask received basic weapons training before going into the field with the GAR during the Clone Wars. As a Major, Rask was recognized for superior leadership when droid forces threatened to overrun the 87th Mobile Field Hospital, where he was stationed. As the staff struggled to evacuate wounded troopers, Rask rallied troopers who were still combat-ready and led them in repelling a droid attack, suffering great casualties but saving hundreds of wounded troopers and medical staff. Rask won a promotion and command of the new 253rd Mobile Field Hospital. DC17HandBlaster-SWI120_1_.jpg

Many eyewitnesses report Rask received a rare honor from a mortally wounded ARC trooper that day. The trooper said, “You need this more than I do.” and handed Rask his DC-17 heavy blaster, usually issued only to clone officers or elite ARC troopers. Rask set his blaster aside and took up the trooper’s weapon, using it in the bloody skirmish. That blaster was at Rask’s side every day of the war from that day forward. Rask participated in at least six other close-combat encounters with Separatist forces.

It is not known if Rask turned in his weapon or brought it home to Coruscant with him, but it is confirmed that he uses a DC-17 heavy blaster in his exile.

Dr. Tuukka Rask

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