Dr Voth Endeel

Echani Bounty Hunter/Doctor

Dr. Voth Endeel

Bounty Hunter Gadgeteer/Doctor/Assassin
(Echani) (using human stat block)

Brawn 3→ 4 with armor
Agi 5
Int 4 →5 with implant
Cunn 2
Will 3
Pres 2

WT 17
ST 14
Soak 8
Defense 2 (Ranged Defense 3)

Obligation Dutybound to the Black Sun 9
Obligation Favor to the Empire 4 (In return for giving him clearance to conduct his bounty hunting using some (restricted equipment) in certain areas, he is expected from time to time to offer medical services and bounty hunting services for the imperial intelligence.


Brawl 4
Athletics 1
Perception 2
Vigilence 1
Range Heavy 2
Mechanics 2
Medicine 2
Stealth 1
Computers 1

Talents (gadgeteer)
Jury Rigged
Armor Master
Deadly Accuracy (Brawl)
Improved armor master
jury rigged

Talents (Doctor)
Pressure Point
Surgeon x2
Stim Application
Bacta Specialist

Talents (assassin)
quick strike
Lethal Blowsx2
Quick Draw
Anatomy Lesson

Echani Battle Armor tinkered jury rigged Superior strength enhance (+1 brawn +2 athletics) Cortosis weave, long range com in helm Defense Total Ranged 3 Melee 2,
Soak rating 4

Laminate Armor (Storm Trooper) Defense 1 Soak rating 3

Disruptor rifle Damage 12 (Jurry Rigged crit on 1 advantage) Forearm Grip +1 accuracy, point blank, Scope +2 perception linked to helmet), hair trigger adds (success success threat to the first attack made each encounter) superior

Heavy Blaster Riffle Damage 14 +1 accuracy, telescopic lens, superior autofire

Brawl (unarmed) Damage 10 option to damage (as strain bypasses armor)

Utility Belt
Tool Kit (mechanics)
Slicer tools
Custom Tool Kit (Left on Ship)
3 minimed droids
CapC ECM 598 medical backpack (Left on Ship)
Creshaldyne MK IV modular backpack 3 extra slots 6 encumberance
implant intelligence (tranlang holo v audio visual translator built in)
implant armor
2x Extra Power Packs
2x weapon superior mods
mouse droid
shield with slot for heavy weapon (
2 defensive/deflection)

Armory Weapons
8 unmodified heavy blaster pistols
2 unmodified blaster riffles
5 unmodded blaster carbines
4 E-web’s
5 blaster pistols
slug thrower pistol

9665 credits


An echani warrior, who served in the republic guard prior to Palpatine’s rise to power. Voth became a member of the red guard during the time of the clone wars. As racism against against non humans increased Voth was not selected to become a royal guard, but his martial arts style was deemed to have value, so he was one of the few allowed to live. He was transferred to Yinchorr to act as a trainer in Echani unarmed combat forms and trained several members of The Emperor’s royal guard.

As a result of his work he has seen much of the empire’s structure, but many of the humans he originally worked with are elderly or dead. After Voth was replaced on Yinchorr he was transferred to the newly formed imperial intelligence as an asset, being a doctor on the outer rim worlds.

He has traveled to several safe houses and dangerous locals to give medical attention to undercover imperial intelligence operatives. As an asset Voth has a I.I handler a human named Gentu Khan as well as a personal authorization code to identify himself should the need arrise.
On a few occasions Voth has discreetly assisted I.I. in quietly disappearing key figures.

Voth is part of the Black Sun, mainly focusing on live catch bounties in areas where weapons were not allowed. The Black Sun “allows” Voth to do lucrative assignments for the I.I and I.I “allows” him to do work for The Black Sun, sometimes he acts as a conduit for intelligence sharing between the two groups.

He is currently working for a Black Sun Vigo named Enoc the Hutt.

Voth is 107 years old, which is middle aged for Echani. Although he does not know it Four of his brother’s all twins died at the order of the emperor when he dissolved the sun guard using ventriss at the end of the clone war. His fifth brother Tarn Endeel does know the truth of the other four.He is a biological twin, who has joined the republic as a scientist. The two have not spoken or seen each other in almost 60 years to due a fight over a woman in their youth on his home planet of Thyrsus.

Looking back over his life Voth realizes that like many others his loyalty towards the republic was corrupted. One thing that he has tried to forget is his role in the Jedi Purges. Voth has gallons of blood on his hands. At the time he believed the Jedi to be traitors to the republic. Voth has a healthy respect for the force, and learned tricks to disarm and destroy jedi, but he destroyed his old cortosis ammo slugthrower long ago. Voth was favored for his live captures but none of the Jedi he caught survived interrogation without going dark.

As the empire rose Voth realized more and more what he had helped wrought. He believes that he is beyond redemption or salvation and exists only to survive. In truth he hates the empire as much as he hates himself, its sweetly ironic to him that criminals like the black sun are the only ones who are free.

At times he wishes there was something he could do to help the jedi to help the rebelion, but he knows the rebels have no chance and the jedi are all but destroyed. So he tries to collect money and gear to protect himself from the storm that is coming when the empire crushes all vestiges of free will even on the rim.

Dr Voth Endeel

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