A Twi'lek corporate drone turned freelance facewoman


T’ease used to worry about which speeder would win the local racing circuit, in between filling out Geonosian Production System reports in her office cubicle. She never lacked for invites to drinks after work, and accepted every one. But, she was the one who initiated every single team-building exercise in her division, even if it proved harder than herding Bothans.

T’ease expected it when her manager’s manager mentioned to her and to her alone that a few “tasks” would greatly help the company if they were to be completed. One of those tasks included the pick-up of a painting. As the easiest-sounding task, she decided to tackle it herself.

The pick-up turned into an absolute disaster, starting with a fire-fight, a critically injured slicer, and T’ease literally hauling him to a back alley doctor. It ended with her and her new friend running into the first ship that promised to take them out of the system, emptying their credit accounts in the process.

T’ease never did get the promotion that she deserved. Instead, she found her corporate job accounts deleted, her calls unreturned, and a mercenary party on her tail. The mercenaries caught her in short order, but so quickly to make it clear to them that she was in way over her head. Fortunately for her, the bounty on her head was so low that they not only considered her offer of big favors instead of taking her in, but accepted it.

Now, the Twi’lek runs with the crew that first took her off of her home planet, doing odds jobs in order to get by and, just perhaps, earn enough to one day exact revenge on the managers that burned her.


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