Star Wars

The Origin Ship: Part 2
Episode #22
The Origin Ship: Part 1
Episode #21

The team arrives at the location for the Origin Ship and finds three ships: Two of an ancient empire that has since been greatly diminished (one ship was destroyed) as well as an ancient Trisirus ship (Origin Ship). After detecting a power source coming from the intact ancient empire vessel, they prepared to board it. Just before they did, they found it to be corrupted with Glorium. WIth extra precaution, the team enters the ship and finds themselves attacked by automated turrets. After disabling them, they continue to explore and encounter a member of the ancient race who tries to warn them off, but finds that it’s only a hologram. After fighting through several more turrets, the team arrives at the cafeteria, only to find that it contains several long dead, but burnt to a crisp force-users, still standing, seemingly trying to use their force powers to hold back something from where the group came from as well as hold back something from coming through another door.

The Quarantined Master
Episode #20

The team is quarantined, but are soon to be confirmed as clear of the ‘plague’. However, the agents still require them to be quarantined for the time being. The agents do let them out for a bit to discuss certain things, but purposely lead them back to their cells in a different manner and show that the facility is studying Rotors.

The team returns to quarantine but are soon met by the Inquisitor, Vu’rath. He taunts the group and demands to know where Master Ceyantes is. The group lets him know, but then he demands to know who let Jom and Zanatos know that he was coming. The team denies doing this, but he refuses to accept their answer. However, before things could escalate, the familiar Rotor knocking sound could be heard as Rotors attack the quarantine area, focusing on the Inquisitor. A Rotor pinned the Inquisitor to the ground and looked like it was going to devour him, but he managed to force push the Rotor away. However, a second Rotor burst through the floor and dragged him down.

The battle caused the cells to flicker and the team managed to escape. Guards burst into the room but ignored the team to go after the Rotors. Meanwhile, the Inquisitor used his light saber to battle the Rotor who formed one of his own! The Guards fired into the hole to help the Inquisitor, but found their shots repelled by one of the two sabers. The Rotor who was force pushed spread out over the ceiling and then rained down acid on the guards, killing most, but T’ease managed to rally them to fight back.

Meanwhile, the team escaped from the quarantine room and found the hallways filled with smoke and a self-destruct alarm sounding. The team managed to find their equipment while T’ease saved a scientist who was caught in the fire.

The team headed towards the weapons locker to get their equipment back but found themselves chased by the Inquisitor. The Imperial Agents helped delay the Inquisitor by a few seconds to give them time to escape. Unfortunately for T’ease, the time spent saving the scientist nearly cost T’ease her life via smoke inhalation by the time she reached the group. The team tried to get a respirator on her (as the rest of the group was wearing one), but the Inquisitor snatched it away using the force and she soon passed out. The team fled and managed to close a blast door to get away from the Inquisitor. They managed to escape just as the quarantine building imploded.

The agents part ways with the group, but not before telling them that Ceyantes needs to be found by the group to get his knowledge about the Rotors. If the Inquisitor gets to him first, the group would lose valuable information. They also let the team know that many worlds have this ‘Rotor Dust’ in its atmosphere and that every world that the team has been to has a stronger and more active dust.

The group travels to the acid world that held Ceyantes and found the entrance to a facility blocked off by Rotors. However, these Rotors were still. The team theorized that it was due to the constant acid rain causing them to be in a state of permanent regeneration. To be sure, RX calls out to Allen for a strafing run with the ship on the Rotors which caused no activity.

The team travels towards the facility and T’ease finds a sign that this is a prison for the Criminally Insane Force Users. The team enters the facility and finds it in a terrible state due to the acid rain bombardment. Apparently the facility and the droids hadn’t been maintained since around the Clone Wars. The team communicates with an AI system and finds that Ceyantes is a patient and is the only person here, staff or otherwise. However, there is also a strong Rotor presence in the facility.

They communicate to Ceyantes through the AI and after a discussion around trust, he gives them the coordinates to the Origin Ship, the ship that the Trisirus Sleeper Ship met with before returning back to Hassan with the original Rotors. He also stresses that he doesn’t know who or what is behind the Rotors. He also tells the group that he’s not sure what’s behind the Rotor involvement with hospital disappearances, only that it’s the wounded that disappear.

The team offers to free him, but he says that he’ll deal with the Inquisitor or at least free the Rotors to attack him. It became obvious that Ceyantes doesn’t completely trust the team and potentially suspects their involvement in Zamither Barris’ demise.

Agent Agenda
Episode #19

The team, motivated by the desire to free their funds, travel to Coruscant to find Zanatos. However, after descending to the lower decks, they are captured by Storm Troopers who take them back to a familiar police station where they are held hostage by the two Imperial Agents from earlier. They talk about potential whereabouts of Jom and Zanatos, but the only clear thing was that Zanatos and his family split up, most likely to avoid capture.

The agents suspect that the team was behind the issues on the spice planet in Hutt space and eventually the team admits to it. The agents mention that the world has been quarantined and the Empire wants to find out why and apparently skirmishes have been breaking out between the Hutts and the Empire as the Hutts try to prevent the Empire from getting too close. The Agents wants the team to go back to the world and get a sample of this ‘plague’. The team suspects that the ‘plague’ is in fact the Rotors. They discuss a strategy, but decide to decline the job.

The discussion soon turned to Glorium and the Rotors and the agents reveal that they have seen the Rotors before and their ‘particles’ have been detected on multiple worlds. The agents then quarantine the team on suspicion of carrying the Rotor particles.

The Glorious Spice: Part 3
Episode #18

Details to come soon, but basics:

Team ‘rescued’ the albino scientist after a firefight. Allen secured the ship and the team made it offworld. The team saved all of the scientist slaves, but lost all of the miner slaves, though the last one, the one that was taunting Sorath, was offed by RX.

Shunari was very pleased with their work, but due to the potential of tracers being in the scientists and Shunari not wanting the Hutts to know who had taken them, he had the party eliminate the scientists except for the albino which Shunari had shuttled away.

The Glorious Spice: Part 2
Episode #17

The team disables the Glorium infested droid and then begins to hear a loud metal on metal tapping coming from where the droid was digging. Sorath begins to feel dizzy while RX suddenly remembers that this is where one of his squad members was left. He orders the team to dig, but after opening up a chunk of the wall, a yellow/orange substance covered in metal bits oozed out. It seemed like Oort-like, but soon formed into a Oort/Trisirus covered in metal bits. The team came to the conclusion that these were in fact Rotors.

Tendrils extended from it into the fallen droid and suddenly the droid began to crawl towards the team. A fight began, but while the team fought, more of these creatures began to form, especially near T’ease as an Oort like Trisirus appeared, but also in stalactite formations on the ceiling.

As RX had trouble distinguishing whether his memory banks were failing, he did what he could to fight off the Rotors’ influence. The team managed to damage some of the Rotors, but instead of dying, they exploded in an Oort webb, capturing RX and beginning to rewrite his memories. Donovan jumped and saved RX, but was himself severely damaged and burned by a Rotor who fell in a puddle shape on him and kept him tight to the ground. The team eventually freed him and got out of the passageway before blowing it up and sealing the Rotors inside.

The team then made their way through the mines and then finally came across an active mining room. The escaped slaves offered to talk to some of the mining droids to get a way to hide out. The droids agree to help and hide them in a mining cart. The team manages to get loaded up in a transport outside which they quickly take over soon after they depart.

Donovan manages to hack the Hutt’s network and draw up work orders to get them to the labs. The team arrives at the production facility and then are transferred into their own atmospheric transport which takes them to the lab.

The team ID a personnel entrance to the labs that should be lightly guarded. They instruct Allen to capture a ship that can take off immediately from the personnel entrance. Now, the team must finally complete their job by capturing the enslaved scientist and get off world.

The Glorious Spice: Part 1
Episode #16

The team gathers up the last of their equipment and sets off to PLANET, leaving Fritz and DT behind. Upon arrival from hyperspace, the team sends out a distress signal to the planet. Sorath meditates in private to communicate with the force and receives a vision of the future though he of course does not communicate that with the team.

The ship is promptly blown out of the sky by anti-spaceship guns. However, this was planned and the team (including Allen and his droids) escapes in a escape pod and crash lands on the planet. While Donovan and T’ease were shaken up, the team was mostly unscathed.

The team escapes some Hutt scouting parties and ends up at a rundown warehouse. The team investigates and finds evidence of people living there, though no one was there at the time. They decide to go around the warehouse and walk straight into a minefield, losing one of their droids in the process. The team goes back to the warehouse and sets up an ambush inside. When the residents return, the team captures them and takes away their weapons. While cooperative, some of the younger people were very upset with the team. The residents mention that they are escaped slaves and that they were out looking for food. There’s another bunch of escaped slaves that live with them that are still out on patrol. The slaves are kicked out, but are given their weapons back.

The team finds an older computer and reestablishes a network connection where they download more information about the factories and labs. Allen then warns the team of an incoming attack and the warehouse is heavily damaged by a passing craft. It turns around for a second shot, but the team and the slaves hide in secure ‘hidey-holes’ and while the shot destroys the warehouse, they survive unscathed, coming out only after some of the ground patrols investigate the warehouse and call it clear.

The team ventures north to a network of old mines that could get them past security forces blocking access to the factories and labs. After running into the slaves again, they offer to take the slaves with them when they leave the planet, assuming that they assist. The slaves nervously agree. The team ventures into the mines and come across a bricked up wall. The team blasts through it and hears sounds of mining.

After taking a few steps, the team sees a blood trail. They venture down a side passage and find the upper half of a torso and a mining droid. The team disables the droid and pops its head off only to find Glorium strands…

Enemy Phase
Episode #15

The team awakens in the damaged landing bay and soon hears pounding coming from the outside. The team tries their external sensors and finds them jammed. As Donovan Altair tries to breakthrough the jam, RX-47B and Allen Leats go up to the top of the ship and have a look around. Finding nothing, but having a hard time seeing their bay door, they go back down and open up the bay door. There they find a Trisirus, but wearing an engineering outfit and instead of skin, it seems to be made up of a dark orange jelly like skin. It meeps at them and starts to board the ship. However, the team stops it before it could get far. It takes T’ease by the arm and tries to lead her out of the ship. After some discussion with the rest of the crew, T’ease agrees to go down with the Trisirus.

After being led through a decontamination chamber, T’ease meets with a bat Trisirus officer who demands that the entire crew meet him. T’ease denies him access and T’ease is taken back to the ship, but not before letting them know that they won’t have much time because the enemy will soon be upon them.

The team decides to wait it out on the ship, but soon more jelly Trisirus show up pounding on the door. The group gives the Trisirus a datapad to communicate, but it doesn’t seem to help. Eventually the team agrees to come down, but again stop the jelly Trisirus from boarding the ship.

They meet with the officer who tells them the following:

1. They are in the Phase dimension

2. The jelly Trisirus are in fact the Oort.

3. The Oort like to emulate/imitate. Thus, the Oort are imitating the Trisirus.

4. The enemy consists of Oort and Rotors, but are led by an unknown source.

5. Any attempt to leave the Phase dimension will return them to their time of origin. Thus, when the team leaves, they’ll return to their time, but if a Trisirus leaves, they’ll return to 30,000 years ago.

6. Some of the enemy escaped from the Phase dimension and most likely appeared 30,000 years ago. However, they are notoriously patient and are waiting for something before they strike. No idea what it could be.

7. The officer had some involvement with Master Ceyantes who has a device that can find the enemy. Ceyantes was supposed to set up a research facility on the eastern continent of Hassan to find out more about the enemy, but he has not checked in a long time.

8. The Trisirus put a tracking device on the Ceyantes own device and thus he can be found by the team.

9. Crandoon is not a place, rather a codeword and greeting between the officer and Ceyantes. The officer is not sure why Ceyantes would be using this with people outside of just them.

10. The team is warned by the officer to look out for disappearances as hospitals as that’s where the enemy first started on Hassan.

An alert goes off that Rotors and ‘gels’ have boarded the ship. The team retreats to their own ship, but RX is attacked by some kind of Oort ooze which glued him to the ground. The team manages to burn the thing off of him, but not before it caused some acid damage. The team boards their ship and leaves. However, as they exit the ship, they find themselves in the middle of a space battle near Phase-Hassan. The team decided to stay by the hangar and wait it out. A few minutes later, they are transported out of the Phase dimension.

The team awakens and finds that they had jumped farther than they had wanted. Apparently they had come out of their jump and took some fighter damage (cosmetic) and the ship automatically jumped back into hyperspace.

The team makes it makes to Brentaal and visits with Shunari. He informs the team of a new job, but a dangerous one. He wants them to kidnap a slave scientist on a Hutt world who has recently discovered a new powerful form of spice. He wants the team to kidnap him and wipe out any evidence of the new spice before the Hutts put it into production.

The team now plans for their biggest and most dangerous mission yet…

Hostile Takeover
Episode #14

The team leaves Hassan orbit and is soon attacked by TIE fighters coming from a nearby Imperial vessel. The ship is damaged, but RX-47B and R4-DT manage to make the jump to hyperspace.

After arriving an a sparsely populated sector of the Outer Rim, the team tries to figure out what just happened. While they do this, they also learn that all of their accounts are frozen, leaving them without access to not only the reward money, but any money at all! The team also receives thanks from Zanatos who informs them that he and Jom Allertihave escaped due to the warning from the team.

Sorath Demora talks with his Imperial contact who denies knowing about the Inquisitor involvement and states that he should still be considered an legitimate contact.

The team contacts Ommano Shunari who tells gives them coordinates on a world on the edge of Wild Space. This leads them to a cantina where they contact Shunari again. After talking through the situation, Shunari informs them that he believes that Jopm (and thus Zanatos) has returned to Coruscant. He invites the team to Brentaal where he can potentially hide the team from the Imperials.

The ship travels to Brentaal and notices that when they jump out of hyperspace, there’s a slight tug as if hyperspace wanted to keep them.

Shunari’s men meet them at the landing pad and begin loading up cargo in order to fool any onlookers into the intent of the ship.

At Shunari’s tavern, the team is offered a job off-world, investigating one of his spice production facilities where profits have taken a substantial hit. He wants to team to fix the issue by any means necessary. He fronts the team some money and sends them on their way.

The team travels off-world and arrives at the spice product facility under the guise of inspectors sent by Shunari. The team meets with the senior manager and finds that they were sent inferior product to work with and it had to be discarded. They look into how it was disposed of and the manager gives them the name of their independent contractor who takes care of disposals. The team meets him at a bar and he denies doing anything but throwing out the trash. However, just when the team gets up to leave in frustration, an explosion goes off, severely injuring the trashman and destroying the bar. Luckily, a quick move by Sorath saved the trashman who immediately gives up the goods on the senior manager.

Apparently, management at the facility was getting frustrated after seeing how much Shunari makes off of the operation and how little they do. So, they decided to skim some product and sell it themselves through the trashman. The trashman agrees to help the team out in whatever way he can.

The team travels to the facility at night and are attacked by gunfire and missiles. While the team took damage, they neutralized the exterior threat and made their way indoors where they took out several droids and Sorath used his newly found lightsaber to cut through some support beams to bring down the catwalk holding a rocket launcher carrying foe.

The next day, the team publicly executed the managers in front of the workers and promoted four of the best workers to management. Satisfied, the team left the world where Shunari promptly rewarded them.

Unfortunately for the team, when they traveled into hyperspace, they suddenly woke up in a battle damaged landing bay…

A Deadly Twist
Episode #13

RX-47B goes to visit Cyrill Lloyd as the rest of the team meets up with an old comrade named Gand. RX inquires as to why someone would want Cyrill dead. Cyrill lets RX know that he’s refused to sign off on certain contracts/business deals from Alateen Marcos which makes him a roadblock to Alateen’s success. Apparently Alateen is getting a bit agitated by the arrival of a new criminal element (Most likely Shunari). After discussing possibilities, Cyrill agrees to get the group’s gear off of the ship, but it could take as much as a week to get the ownership transferred back to RX.

RX meets up with the group and they discuss what to do about Zamither Barris. Sorath Demora discovers how much money a captured Jedi could be worth it handed over to the Empire. Most of the team disagrees that it is worth it, especially T’ease who brings up the fact that they would be burning everybody associated with Zamither. However, the lure of money and not feeling too strongly about their ties on Hassan proved too powerful as most of the team eventually went to Sorath’s side.

After finding out more information about Zamither from Zanatos, the team ventures into the swamp using a speeder loaned by Mythus Reth. Fritz opted to stay behind with Mythus, not wanting to venture into a Glorium filled swamp. The team visits the village where Allen Leats lives and trades supplies with him for more information about the Jedi. He reveals that the Jedi doesn’t seem to have a permanent home, but seems to like to hide out in the trees. As they were discussing things, Trisirus words began to carve into a droid which translated into more words implying that the Trisirus war was going badly for one side.

The team leaves the village and Gand uses his survival skills to find a good location for a potential ambush. Unfortunately, he was right! A cable attaches to T’ease and she’s snatched up into the trees. The kidnapper didn’t seem to want to kill her, but wanted to know more about them since they didn’t seem like real bounty hunters. He tells the team to drop their weapons and then slowly descends with T’ease below him. After the team convinced him that they were sent by Zanatos, he confirms that he is Zamither Barris and uses his light saber to cut T’ease free, landing her in the swamp ( assisted her back into the speeder).

However, before things could continue, the team was ambushed by a strongly armed bounty hunter team, armed with not only blasters, but ionization guns. Zamither ascended to the trees as the team fought back. The firepower provided to be overwhelming on the part of the bounty hunters and the team decided to get out of there. However, Sorath and Donovan found the bounty hunters speeder and managed to blow them up, leaving them stranded just as Leats’ droids attacked.

As the team began to pull away, Zamither dropped out of the trees into the speeder, landing on RX. However, Sorath pulled out his weapon and stunned him before he could do anything else, while also taking his light saber The team found a good hiding spot in the ruins outside of the swamp as Sorath talked with his Imperial contact who agreed to send somebody to pick up the Jedi. Knowing it should take about a week or more to arrive from outside of the Hassan system, the team set up camp at Leats’ village so that they could have a droid guard and reasonable privacy. However, only three days later, a squad of Storm Troopers, AT-STs, and a bright white skinned figure with red lenses bolted into his eyes arrived. As the figure got out of his speeder, most of the group felt an overwhelming need to kneel or at very least were terrified.

T’ease and Gand soon recognized this person for what he is: An Inquisitor, tasked with rooting out and destroying force-users. The team handed off Zamither to the Inquisitor, who wasted no time in killing him with a light saber. The Inquisitor turned to the group and seemed to sniff the air and then implied that there was another force user in the group. Luckily, the Inquisitor decided to leave without further issue. A Storm Trooper officer met with the team and transferred 100k credits to their account for the Jedi.

After the troopers left, the team communicated with Cyrill who could get the ownership transferred back to RX on a temporary basis, just enough time for the team to leave. He then tells RX that there is a substantially increased Imperial presence here, including the Inquisitor who has now set up shop in Tyrral Talus’s old office.

The team decides that leaving Hassan quickly would be the best course of action. They offer to take Leats and his Droids with them (who happily agrees) and then stop off to pick up Fritz as the team quickly leaves the planet in the hopes of escaping before anything further could happen.


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