Star Wars

Liaison With a Raid Part 1
Episode #2

The team decided to let the Mercs free with the assumption of a favor owed in the future as well as confirming with the with Tyrral Talus’s men that the job was accomplished and the team was dead.

That night, the team met with Cyrill Lloyd at one of the temporary construction towns to go over the next steps. After presenting evidence that implicates Talus and letting Cyrill know that Talus assumes that they are dead, Cyrill decides to go after Talus first thing in the morning with the team and some security forces.

The team is put up for the night at a hotel in the capital where they rested up and allowed Dr. Tuka Rask to heal their serious injuries. It was decided that their critical data needed to be stored manually on the ship to reduce the chance that it could be stolen or lost. T’ease. As T’ease was leaving their ship, a sniper shot struck T’ease, but she managed to escape before another shot could be fired.

The team researches more on Talus and finds that he’s essentially middle-management in the Hassan government. He has enough power and reputation that simply taking him out at this point wouldn’t be in the cards, but not enough power and reputation where an arrest was not out of the question at this point with the evidence gathered so far. One important bit of info though was that Talus has serious Imperial ambitions which isn’t good considering the discovery of the Jedi Temple.

The next morning, Cyrill transports the team to the capital building and with the help of the team, arrests Talus. Talus was angry at the arrest, but not completely surprised, which is not shocking considering that the sniper was most likely one of Talus’ men. Before Talus is escorted out of his office, he implies that he most likely is behind or at least supports the major Dig Site raiding groups and also implies that the liaisons are with the raiders.

After Talus is escorted out, the team goes through his paperwork and computers (as well as stealing a first aid kit). They found paper work that showed he was trying to get certain civilians put in security forces for the Dig Sites. The team theorizes that they are there to infiltrate the site to find out more about what has been discovered.

Cyrill hears that the Jedi Temple dig site is under attack by the main raiding group. RX-47B and Cyrill discuss strategy and it’s decided that the main Hassan force will attack the Jedi Temple dig site while the team goes after the liaisons at the Raider base at the old dig site with the request that while some collateral damage is going to happen, that they should not destroy the site as there still could be valuable artifacts there along with the fact that the liaisons need to be brought back alive.

The team begins the assault on the raider base and start by using their ship to destroy the vehicles that did not go with the main raider force. They then use their speeder along with a massive barrage of weaponry to fend off the remaining raiders outside the base

When they go to the bottom of the dig site, they were met with a large metal door which Dr. Tuka Rask and Donovan Altair worked on to determine if any raiders were on the other side as well as to get past any traps/locks. After opening the door, the team ventured forth and soon encountered another raider force in a long hallway. The team managed to dispose of this batch, including two well-entrenched raiders who the team successfully managed to lure out of their hiding spot and into a lane of fire.

After the fight ended, the team found the command center and prepared for their next move.

The Glorious Mystery
Episode #1
  • The team was invited by Cyrill Lloyd to the Outer Rim colony of Hassan to find out what happened to their government liaisons with the Solari Exploration Company who had gone missing since reporting in on important findings at Solari.
  • Cyrill was very specific that he wants to keep this a low profile to keep out Imperial involvement
  • Hassan was the home of two now extinct sentient species, though there is no evidence of who or what they were. There are two continents on Hassan: The Eastern continent which is almost entirely farmland and the Western continent which was similar to Coruscant in its cityscape, but it has been leveled. Currently, the city is being rebuilt, but currently only about a 1/4 of the northern part of the continent has been rebuilt. The rest is filled with rubble from the destroyed city and is filled with construction crews, Solari diggers, and bandits.
  • T’ease seduced Randal Quamar to get information on how to get into the Solari dig site where the liaisons were supposed to be. The team uses this information to get ID cards and get into the dig site under the guise of being inspectors.
  • When the team entered the dig site, they found that Solari had uncovered a secret Jedi temple which was destroyed apparently during the Clone Wars. During their visit to the temple, they discovered numerous holofeeds from a Jedi named Zamithel Barris.
  • The team visits the Quamar’s office and finds no evidence that Solari is holding the group or even is aware that the liaisons were there, though they do find evidence of Raider attacks.
  • The team visits the dig site labs of Mythus Reth who is a scientist responsible for investigating the artifacts uncovered at the dig site with the help of his droids, Fritz and Elle.
  • Reth sees through the inspector trick, though the team isn’t sure how. However, while Reth seems to be a bit rude at first, when the team shows knowledge of the Trisirus and Oort, he gets interested in them.
  • Reth talks about the material, Glorium, which is apparently the long dead remains of most likely the Oort which had been crushed down to a simple material over hundreds or thousands of years.
  • Glorium apparently converts inorganic material into more Glorium, but at a very slow pace. It does not seem to affect organic material at all.
  • Barris was correct that the energy gained by suppressing the actual conversion process can actually generate energy. It’s not much, but Reth is looking into what can be done to modify that process.
  • Reth is interested in seeing what affect Glorium has on droids and is testing it out on a restrained astromech droid. Fritz and Elle do not like that Reth is doing this, but they are not stopping him.
  • Reth confirms that to the best of his knowledge, the liaisons never showed up. He theorizes that they were taken by a nearby Raider group.
  • The team goes back to the northern part of the continent and meets with Llloyd. The team informs him about the Jedi Temple and Glorium which he is pretty amazed at. He wants the team to get back the liaisons from the Raiders, but he cannot give them any obvious assistance other than making sure that officials look the other way if violence occurs.
  • Donovan Altair goes to the streets to see if anybody is selling any dig site artifacts which could possibly lead them to the Raider base. Unfortunately, he was too vocal in his attempts and was soon followed by an unknown party which he escaped from.
  • The team began traveling back to the dig site on speeders, but were soon attacked by two parties also on speeders. While RX-47B nimbly piloted the speeder around the city rubble, and [[:dr-tuka-rask | Dr. Tuka Rask (Colonel, Retired)]] attacked the two speeders. Despite taking serious damage, the duo took out the speeder pilots, causing the vehicles to crash. Amazingly, the gunners on the speeders managed to survive the crash, but were soon taken prisoner.
  • The prisoners revealed themselves to be mercs who were hired to take the team out. Apparently they were told that the team were Imperials and needed to be taken out. The mercs seem to have some bad blood with Imperials and attempted to take the team out.
  • After a bit more of an interrogation, the mercs revealed that they were hired by Tyrral Talus, a Hassan government official.

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