Star Wars

The Glorious Mystery
Episode #1
  • The team was invited by Cyrill Lloyd to the Outer Rim colony of Hassan to find out what happened to their government liaisons with the Solari Exploration Company who had gone missing since reporting in on important findings at Solari.
  • Cyrill was very specific that he wants to keep this a low profile to keep out Imperial involvement
  • Hassan was the home of two now extinct sentient species, though there is no evidence of who or what they were. There are two continents on Hassan: The Eastern continent which is almost entirely farmland and the Western continent which was similar to Coruscant in its cityscape, but it has been leveled. Currently, the city is being rebuilt, but currently only about a 1/4 of the northern part of the continent has been rebuilt. The rest is filled with rubble from the destroyed city and is filled with construction crews, Solari diggers, and bandits.
  • T’ease seduced Randal Quamar to get information on how to get into the Solari dig site where the liaisons were supposed to be. The team uses this information to get ID cards and get into the dig site under the guise of being inspectors.
  • When the team entered the dig site, they found that Solari had uncovered a secret Jedi temple which was destroyed apparently during the Clone Wars. During their visit to the temple, they discovered numerous holofeeds from a Jedi named Zamithel Barris.
  • The team visits the Quamar’s office and finds no evidence that Solari is holding the group or even is aware that the liaisons were there, though they do find evidence of Raider attacks.
  • The team visits the dig site labs of Mythus Reth who is a scientist responsible for investigating the artifacts uncovered at the dig site with the help of his droids, Fritz and Elle.
  • Reth sees through the inspector trick, though the team isn’t sure how. However, while Reth seems to be a bit rude at first, when the team shows knowledge of the Trisirus and Oort, he gets interested in them.
  • Reth talks about the material, Glorium, which is apparently the long dead remains of most likely the Oort which had been crushed down to a simple material over hundreds or thousands of years.
  • Glorium apparently converts inorganic material into more Glorium, but at a very slow pace. It does not seem to affect organic material at all.
  • Barris was correct that the energy gained by suppressing the actual conversion process can actually generate energy. It’s not much, but Reth is looking into what can be done to modify that process.
  • Reth is interested in seeing what affect Glorium has on droids and is testing it out on a restrained astromech droid. Fritz and Elle do not like that Reth is doing this, but they are not stopping him.
  • Reth confirms that to the best of his knowledge, the liaisons never showed up. He theorizes that they were taken by a nearby Raider group.
  • The team goes back to the northern part of the continent and meets with Llloyd. The team informs him about the Jedi Temple and Glorium which he is pretty amazed at. He wants the team to get back the liaisons from the Raiders, but he cannot give them any obvious assistance other than making sure that officials look the other way if violence occurs.
  • Donovan Altair goes to the streets to see if anybody is selling any dig site artifacts which could possibly lead them to the Raider base. Unfortunately, he was too vocal in his attempts and was soon followed by an unknown party which he escaped from.
  • The team began traveling back to the dig site on speeders, but were soon attacked by two parties also on speeders. While RX-47B nimbly piloted the speeder around the city rubble, and [[:dr-tuka-rask | Dr. Tuka Rask (Colonel, Retired)]] attacked the two speeders. Despite taking serious damage, the duo took out the speeder pilots, causing the vehicles to crash. Amazingly, the gunners on the speeders managed to survive the crash, but were soon taken prisoner.
  • The prisoners revealed themselves to be mercs who were hired to take the team out. Apparently they were told that the team were Imperials and needed to be taken out. The mercs seem to have some bad blood with Imperials and attempted to take the team out.
  • After a bit more of an interrogation, the mercs revealed that they were hired by Tyrral Talus, a Hassan government official.
Liaison With a Raid Part 1
Episode #2

The team decided to let the Mercs free with the assumption of a favor owed in the future as well as confirming with the with Tyrral Talus’s men that the job was accomplished and the team was dead.

That night, the team met with Cyrill Lloyd at one of the temporary construction towns to go over the next steps. After presenting evidence that implicates Talus and letting Cyrill know that Talus assumes that they are dead, Cyrill decides to go after Talus first thing in the morning with the team and some security forces.

The team is put up for the night at a hotel in the capital where they rested up and allowed Dr. Tuka Rask to heal their serious injuries. It was decided that their critical data needed to be stored manually on the ship to reduce the chance that it could be stolen or lost. T’ease. As T’ease was leaving their ship, a sniper shot struck T’ease, but she managed to escape before another shot could be fired.

The team researches more on Talus and finds that he’s essentially middle-management in the Hassan government. He has enough power and reputation that simply taking him out at this point wouldn’t be in the cards, but not enough power and reputation where an arrest was not out of the question at this point with the evidence gathered so far. One important bit of info though was that Talus has serious Imperial ambitions which isn’t good considering the discovery of the Jedi Temple.

The next morning, Cyrill transports the team to the capital building and with the help of the team, arrests Talus. Talus was angry at the arrest, but not completely surprised, which is not shocking considering that the sniper was most likely one of Talus’ men. Before Talus is escorted out of his office, he implies that he most likely is behind or at least supports the major Dig Site raiding groups and also implies that the liaisons are with the raiders.

After Talus is escorted out, the team goes through his paperwork and computers (as well as stealing a first aid kit). They found paper work that showed he was trying to get certain civilians put in security forces for the Dig Sites. The team theorizes that they are there to infiltrate the site to find out more about what has been discovered.

Cyrill hears that the Jedi Temple dig site is under attack by the main raiding group. RX-47B and Cyrill discuss strategy and it’s decided that the main Hassan force will attack the Jedi Temple dig site while the team goes after the liaisons at the Raider base at the old dig site with the request that while some collateral damage is going to happen, that they should not destroy the site as there still could be valuable artifacts there along with the fact that the liaisons need to be brought back alive.

The team begins the assault on the raider base and start by using their ship to destroy the vehicles that did not go with the main raider force. They then use their speeder along with a massive barrage of weaponry to fend off the remaining raiders outside the base

When they go to the bottom of the dig site, they were met with a large metal door which Dr. Tuka Rask and Donovan Altair worked on to determine if any raiders were on the other side as well as to get past any traps/locks. After opening the door, the team ventured forth and soon encountered another raider force in a long hallway. The team managed to dispose of this batch, including two well-entrenched raiders who the team successfully managed to lure out of their hiding spot and into a lane of fire.

After the fight ended, the team found the command center and prepared for their next move.

Liaison With a Raid Part 2
Episode #3

Donovan Altair attempted to access the computer systems to learn more about the dig site, but ended up finding a map, but very little about the specifics. However, he did find that a known criminal organization is on the lookout for a droid that very much resembles RX-47B.

The team ventured down to the second floor of the mines, but after a discussion about where the prisoners might be, the team realized that they were walking right into a likely ambush site. So, they ruptured some pipes in the room to create a thick cloud of gas which started a hail of gunfire coming from the other side of the room. Donovan and T’ease dashed across the room dodging incoming fire as RX-47B opened up with some covering fire. After reaching the other side of the room, Donovan and T’ease discovered two rooms full of raiders. As Donovan and T’ease cleared out one side, RX-47B eventually cleared out the other.

The team used the computers in the now clear rooms to discover the location of the liaisons within the mines as well as data on what occurred at the dig site while it was still active.

The team ventured forth and heard someone yell out to ‘set it loose’. Donovan scouted ahead, but was ambushed by more raiders, who collapsed some of the ceiling to make it difficult for RX and T’ease to easily help him out. The battle continued, but soon the team was attacked from below by a gigantic worm. Luckily, the raiders were defeated and the worm seemed to disappear below the surface.

Finally the team made it into a large room that contained the run down/dismantled machinery from the dig site. Also at the far end was an animal pen that held the liaisons. The team was soon ambushed by a raider captain and two groups of raider goons who came out from underneath some of the wreckage. The captain caught Donovan off guard and put a gun to his back and threatened to shoot him if the group didn’t throw down their weapons. RX immediately fired back and the captain responded with shooting Donovan in the back, severely wounding him. However, rather than immediately fighting back, Donovan played dead to give himself time to recover and get into a better position.

Meanwhile, RX and T’ease continue to battle the Raiders and soon the rumbling of the worm could be heard. As the worm began to attack, T’ease taunted the goons, trying to lower their morale as she successfully did with the group in the first battle. While she was successful, the captain didn’t take kindly to it and shot her with a fairly deadly blaster shot, taking her out of the battle.

As the captain put a foot on the ‘dead’ body of Donovan as he howled in victory, Donovan decided to make his move and put a blaster shot right through his groin and out through his head, taking the captain out. Immediately the goons worried that the worm was no longer going to be under control. Suddenly, the goons were fair game by the worm. The group realized that the captain must have something on him to control the worm. Donovan dug around and found what looked like some kind of gigantic gland, most likely a worm gland, in a plexiglass-like case. As RX continued to battle the goons, Donovan surmised that the worm would not attack somebody with the gland.

Meanwhile RX climbed to the top of some of the broken down machinery. Donovan then dragged T’ease along with him up onto some other machinery. The worm then concentrated on the goons as did the team. Once the goons were finished off, the team stuck by Donovan as they quickly explored the room and found some explosives. They lured the worm towards the explosives and shot at it when the worm appeared, causing the destruction of the worm.

The team rescued the liaisons and escaped to the ship, but not before Donovan put some extra security features on the main door, which will prevent people from going in or out until a slicer hacks it. They contact Cyrill Lloyd who informs them that they’ve driven off the raiders at the primary dig site. While people were lost, no VIPs were. The team informs Lloyd of their victory as well as the secured door. Sensing a major opening, Lloyd opts to immediately send firepower to the old dig site to finish off the returning raiders.

As Lloyd invites the team back to the city, the liaisons reveal that before they were captured, they discovered the Library of the Trisirus, filled with holofeeds from when the Trisirus were still alive.

A Swamp Story
Episode #4

The team was happily welcomed back by Cyrill Lloyd who awarded the team 6,000 credits for their successful job in rescuing the liaisons. Cyrill informed them that Mythus Reth was transferred to the capital city and wished to speak with them in the morning. Also, Cyrill informed the team that they are welcome to visit the Library of the Trisirus if they would like to research anything.

The next morning, the team visited Mythus. First the team inquired about the Worm gland that was found during the raid. Apparently is a reproductive gland of a Giant Hassan Worm and it will cause the holder as well as those near them to not be harmed by Hassan Worms. who asked them to venture into the swamp in the center of the western continent. He has evidence that it was a major Oort population center and thus he theorizes that it should contain significant amounts of Glorium. He sends the team in with a short range sensor that can detect veins of Glorium. He informs the team that while he can’t pay them in credits, he will not only loan them the services of Fritz (as long as Fritz can report back scientific findings) for the foreseeable future, but he will also introduce them to Jom Allerti, a lead scientist on an Imperial science station in this sector. Apparently, Jom is constantly looking for extra help to find certain items for his experiments and is very happy to pay. The team agrees and sets off.

The team flies over to the landing pad at the swamp and is warned by a guard that once they enter the swamp, they are cut off from assistance. He also tells the team that people have seen some strange things besides the wildlife in the swamp, but he things its all hogwash.

The team explores the swamp for several hours before Dr. Tuukka Rask finds some metal on his sensors. After guiding the speeder towards the site of the metal, they discover a Glorium infested Separatist Battle Droid head buried in the muck. The team soon finds more heads throughout the swamp, though it seems that the heads are stuck on trees and only slightly infested with Glorium, if at all. As they go deeper into the swamp, they discover some of the heads still have power, albeit at very low levels. The team tries to interact with the heads and discovers through the interaction that they have a master in the middle of the swamp. The team goes back to the ship and has Fritz get in contact with the Droids and allows the team to negotiate a trade with several intact Battle Droids. The Droids agree to introduce them to their master in trade for some power supplies and ammo.

The droids lead the team to a run down camp where they are introduced to Allen Leats, a separatist officer who was part of the attack on the Jedi Temple. Allen backed up the Jedi holofeed story that their fleet was damaged and came upon the Temple by chance. However, as Allen’s squad (including men and droids) were hunting down the last of the Jedi, they watched as their fleet departed. Abandoned, they faced off against the remaining Jedi alone. Fortunately, they were successful and reduced the population of Jedi to two or less. While rumors of a Jedi on the eastern continent persist, Allen was more concerned about a Jedi with a first name starting with ‘Z’ who has been tormenting him and his soldiers. Soon he was the only non-droid left and his other droids are running low on power. He then asks how the Clone Wars were going and if the Republic was no more. The team told him that the Republic was in fact no more (not a lie!), but that the separatists were not doing too well. Depressed and confused, he accepts the trade and confirms with the team that there is in fact a huge vein of Glorium underneath this village.

Before the team took off, Allen told them of two things: The location of several abandoned Oort villages as well as some strange writing in his own village that appeared to be carved into a wall as he was watching it (this happened some time ago). The language was unknown, but seem to be somewhat like some of the Trisirus writing.

The team explored a nearby Oort village and found it abandoned. They found that each building seemed to be built differently for all shapes and sizes (i.e. 8 foot high rectangular doors and one foot diameter circle doors). The team then felt an enormous pressure as suddenly words were carved into the wall of a building, similar to the words at the separatist village.

The team flew back to the city and was directed to go directly to the library as Mythus was there. Mythus explains that they have discovered that the Trisirus had three classes: Wingless (low), WInged Arms (middle), and Wings and Arms (upper). On top of that, the birdlike version of the Trisirus were the diurnal version of the species. A bat-like version of the species was the nocturnal version. They seem to have two separate governments: One by day (Bird) and one by night (Bat), each with their own set of laws. There was also a ‘Twilight’ Government during the Twilight hours where both governments met to negotiate and discuss important matters.

There still was no discovery of what the Oort looked like, but it did seem that they majority of the species was moved to a reservation in the swamp.

Still no discovery on the disappearance of the two species, though it did seem that there was some kind of major conflict before their disappearance, but whether this was a Civil War, Trisirus vs. Oort, or Trisirus vs an outside force is unknown.

The linguists at the library managed to decipher the words from the swamp as ‘Help Us’. However, more words were soon carved into the library wall ‘We have to fall back’.

Mythus agrees that the team has fulfilled their end of the obligation and gives them the information they need to meet with the scientist on Zhraff. The team flies out and finds that the Zhraff is a massive space station exploring military and industrial sciences. They meet with Jom who tells them that he’s been made aware of the Trisirus mystery and wants to help as he’s found evidence of Trisirus cities on other worlds. There is a person on one of the Core Worlds who has a device who can decipher practically any language which can help the library research. However, this is a highly illegal device as it also can decipher major encryptions and is highly desired by the criminal element.

A Spicy Situation
Episode #5

The group prepares to fly to Brentaal, a major Core World trading planet. Jom Allerti tells them that he will provide them with some ‘cargo’ that his contact, Ommano Shunari needs and that Shunari’s men will get them through customs. The team decides to stock on on other cargo from Hassan to try to hide Jom’s cargo as it was strongly implied that whatever was in there was illegal.

The team took a quick trip back to Hassan to pick up the cargo, but on the way back, they were attacked by two starfighters coming up from the planet. The starfighters took advantage of the ambush by blowing some sizeable holes into the team’s ship, but eventually T’ease redirected the team’s focus and used a combination of heavy firepower from Sorath Demora‘s use of the ship’s guns along with Donovan Altair slicing ability to get rid of the nuisance.

The team was contacted by Hassan’s flight officials on the planet to make sure that they were okay and told them that they tracked where the fighter’s came from. Apparently it was from the southern part of the Western continent, exactly where the dig sites and major raiding activity are. Hassan provided a few starfighter escorts to bring the ship back down where a cloaked Cyrill Lloyd meets with them. He’s very curious how raiders knew exactly where the team was. Everybody suspected a mole or something involving Tyrral Talus. However, an investigation by Lloyd and his people turned up no evidence. The team spent a few days at a dock getting at least some of the damage fixed up, but the damage was extensive enough that not everything could be fixed.

Finally the team left for Brentaal and arrived without incident. Shunari’s right-hand person, Miko Kilstar met them at the landing pad and had her men start to unload the crates. While Fritz stayed behind to make sure the men took only what they were supposed to, Miko escorted the team to a cantina filled with criminals and low-lifes. While the team was being escorted to the back, they noticed they were being watched by several people, all with the same patch on their clothes.

The team is introduced to Ommano Shunari, a Duros leader of a criminal gang who strongly implies that he is in the spice business. He explains that Jom owes him several favors for supplying him with test subjects, equipment, and other materials. He agrees to allow one of his men to accompany the team with the translating device, but only upon completion of a specific job. It seems that one of his rivals is expanding and he wants to know the locations of their warehouses. He knows the location of one of them, a former weapons production facility on Brentaal, and he wants the team to go in and get the information out of the computer. Anybody in the warehouse is fair game to kill if they resist, but Shunari wants no civilian deaths. The team is hesitant, but accepts.

The team starts asking around town about the warehouse to find out more details about defenses, layouts, etc. They find people who are knowledgeable about the outside, but most knew very little about the inside. During their investigation, T’ease and Sorath Demora catch a glimpse of a person’s datapad after running into him and found a list of names that was associated with some major Spice deals that occurred on the planet during the previous week On that list was Donovan Altair. The two inform Donovan of the situation and make sure that he lays low.

Meanwhile, the team meets up with a person at a bar who potentially could have knowledge about the insides of the warehouse. However, the person seems to be very hesitant in providing information, instead trying to talk them out of it. He then seems to shift gears and asks for money. The team begins to walk out and he raises his voice, enough for everybody in the bar to hear, and warns them again about the warehouse. RX-47B makes a threatening move towards him, but the guy does not back down and instead yells out about the warehouse. The team leaves and the guy follows them. Once the team got to an alley, before the guy could react, they shoot him dead.

While the team was hiding the body, they were approached by another person from the bar, a Trandoshan who soon reveals himself as a cop. He tells the team that he’s all for taking apart that warehouse as he knows that it’s a major Spice operation, but he doesn’t have enough proof to justify a raid as casualties could potentially be high. However, if the team manages to get rid of the warehouse or provide enough evidence of major Spice possession, a raid could be justified. He tells the team that they better move quick as the bar patrons will probably try to make some money by providing info to the warehouse’s boss. However, the cop says that he can use his position as a cop to detain the patrons for about an hour.

The team loads up on explosives to get past the guards and energized fence blocking their way to the warehouse. While the guards tried to stop RX-47B from driving through, ultimately the combo of RX’s driving, the team’s shooting, and the bomb, was enough to open up the fence, kill the guards, and take down the front door.

The team soon discovers that the warehouse is empty of people and spice, though there were plenty of empty crates with evidence of being recently opened. T’ease and Donovan venture upstairs and visit the office, only to find a recently shot human dead in front of a computer. Donovan hacks into the computer and finds that there were some difficult codes to crack which took him some extra time to figure out. However, once he got in, he found no information on warehouses or spice. Despite that, they did find a note to the boss in the warehouse warning them of the team’s arrival and demanding a bonus payment for this information. It was signed by Miko Kilstar

Head Count
Episode #6

The team started off discussing what to do about Miko Kilstar’s betrayal. They decided to lure her away from Ommano Shunari so that they could inform her boss without her knowing.

After doing so, they met with Shunari and revealed what had happened at the warehouse. Shunari simply smiled and applauded the team for confirming what he had strongly suspected before, in that Miko was a traitor. While agreeing to lend the team the translation device, e also offers the team a a position in gang, even if just a contractual basis, which the team agrees to. He offers several paying jobs:

1. Bring him Miko’s head

2. Help expand his operation to Hassan

3. Assist one of his ships who had becoming disabled in the process of attacking a rival’s spice carrying vessel and get the spice off of the rival vessel, returning it to Kunari, ideally on the formerly disabled Shunari ship.

The team agrees and quickly sets off to find Miko as they knew her whereabouts. Thinking ahead, they discovered that Miko had planned on killing the team and had set up an ambush. Rather than battling the ambushers, they tracked down Miko’s exact location in a run down building a few blocks away from the ambush site. While Sorath Demora and T’ease made sure that the ambushers couldn’t reach Miko if and when she called for assistance, Donovan Altair, RX-47B, and Dr. Tuukka Rask took on Miko and some of her thugs, using frag grenades to shock and awe them before storming in and finishing them off, taking Miko’s head and escaping the police. Unfortunately for the ambushers, as the team withdrew, they went straight for Miko’s hideout and were immediately arrested by the police. A happy Shunari gladly paid out the reward money.

With their business on Brentaal finished, the team ventured out to find Shunari’s disabled ship. They found both Shunari’s ship approximately three weeks after the ship had been disabled. They found that both ships were heavily damaged. Both didn’t have too many life signs, but the rival ship had barely any signs of power.

The group contacted Shunari’s ship and the person responding was acting erratically. While all security checks were passed, the team was very cautious. The team that most, if not all, of the officers on board were missing according to the manifest, but the manifest hadn’t been updated in months so its unknown who was truly supposed to be on the ship.

The team helped fix up enough of the ship so that the crew was no longer in danger of immediate destruction, but they don’t fix the engine yet. During their work, they developed strong suspicions that if this was truly the crew of the ship and not pirates of some sort, that they had broken into their stores of spice, most likely due to the boredom of the past three weeks.

The team gets back on their ship and sets out for the rival ship. Donovan manages to pick up a signal from the rival ship of a recording of a woman asking for assistance. However, no life signs were picked up on the bridge. When the team docked, the doors opened to darkness. When the team put on their goggles that enabled them to see in the dark, they saw a trail of spice… and blood.

A Song of Blood and Spice
Episode #7

The team ventures forth, following the spice and blood trail. The team very cautiously and nervously ventured forth into the powerless ship. They noted a big pile of blood near the airlock, but while it did make some of the team a little terrified, they ventured forth.

The team heard a banging noise coming from a nearby room and used brute force to open the door. They found themselves in a zero G room with floating parts and broken droids hiding within clouds of spice. Suddenly, a dead body wearing a space suit floated through the cloud which Donovan Altair and T’ease grabbed the body and found the face plate smashed with Spice flowing out of its mouth.

The team reviewed their options and found that if they cut through the zero G room, it would save them time rather than going through hallways. They traveled through the room and soon heard another noise beyond the door at the end of the room. This time, it was an electrical noise. Thinking it might be the cause of the power outage, the team forced open the door only to see a damaged astromech. The astromech seemed terrified of them, but they eventually lured the droid towards them and repaired its most grievous of wounds.

Unfortunately, the noise that they made alerted something else within the ship. Donovan was suddenly grabbed from above by some kind of humanoid creature and dragged into the ceiling. The team opened fire to bring him down and did so successfully, but Donovan was accidentally wounded by Sorath Demora during the fight. When they finally got to Donovan, they noticed that the creature had taken a bite out of him through his space suit and he thus was losing air and blood. The team patched up the space suit and then raced back to their ship to get Donovan looked at before he bled out.

The group tried to contact Fritz to move the ship, but found that there was major interference cause most likely by a cloud of spice coming from the stranded vessel. T’ease and Donovan left the ship and found in their ship’s airlock that they were contaminated. However, after a brief decontamination, they were declared acceptable to board. Fritz began to look after Donovan and found that there were nanites in the spice that were converting bone to metal. Apparently, if it reached the skull, it could cause severe madness. Fortunately, Donovan only received a minor dose and while his teeth and bits of his skeletal structure were converted to metal, he wouldn’t be too greatly affected.

Meanwhile, the astromech asked Sorath and RX-47B to save the surviving crew, which they agreed to. The team soon found the captain of the ship, a woman going by the name of Thes. She declared the rest of the crew dead or infected, which the astromech denied,and asked to be taken off the ship. The team did so and after confirming that she was not infected, they locked her in a makeshift brig.

Sorath and RX headed back to the derelict ship. RX blew open a hole near Engineering, but one of the creatures attacked him from inside. Upon killing it, they saw that many of the creatures legbones were converted to metal and had rooted it to the floor. The team entered the room and blew open another hold into engineering, where they encountered four more of those creatures which they managed to dispatch. They had retaken engineering.

Meanwhile, T’ease spoke with Thes who wanted them to join her crew and ditch Shunari on this job. Though she offered them potentially significant credits, the team refused.

After restoring some minor power to the ship to run scans, they found it very difficult to track anything. However, a relieved Duros crew member managed to find the group. The team send out a call to the ship that if they wanted to get off the ship, to come to engineering ASAP. Meanwhile, they opened up the cargo bay to flush out spice that was free-floating due to the attack from Shunari’s ship and so they would have an easier time putting this on their own ship. As Sorath returned to his ship with the Duros, RX rigged the ship to blow up and tried to make his way to his ship with the astromech.

RX informed the crew to steer the ship into position to easily take on the cargo and while the ship was put into position, rough steering caused the ship’s engine to be damaged. The crew loaded up the cargo and then returned to Shunari’s ship

While still on their own ship, the team contacted Shunari to inform him of the spice issue. He was very happy to hear about the nanite infested spice as he could see it to people looking for a weaponized version of the drug. The team asked about the crew of Shunari’s ship and while Shunari was concerned about the missing officers, the musclehead was a legitimate crew member. During the discussion, they cut a deal with Shunari, giving up half of the reward money for repairs to their own ship while on Brentaal. Shunari agreed to the terms.

While on Shunari’s ship, they clashed with the musclehead when the team refused to unload the cargo, intending on dropping it off themselves. The musclehead offered a cut of the deal if they brought the cargo over. The team refused and after making sure that the ship could travel, they departed the system for Brentaal.

On Brentaal, Shunari’s crew got them past customs. One of Shunari’s men agreed to travel with Fritz to the repair facility while the team met with Shunari. Meanwhile, Thes and her crew thanked the team and departed. who was very pleased to see the team. He agreed to lend out the translation device which will come with a genetic lock tied to one of his own men who will travel in a separate ship.

As the team began planning their next move, they received a message from Jom Allerti. He has found a live colony of Trisirus.

The Long Lost
Episode #8

The team is introduced to Annubin North who will responsible for the translation device as well as expanding Shunari’s empire. While traveling on his own ship with his own men, Annubin will support the team, most likely only if it’s in his best interests.

After the ship is repaired and an astromech droid purchased, the team ventures out to Hassan. Along the way, they discover bugs all throughout the ship. Attempting to remove them causes disruptions in the ship, but Donovan Altair and the astromech manages to disable them before any significant damage is done. However, Donovan discovers that some kind of signal was sent out.

The team arrives in the Hassan system and lands the the Zhaff science vessel to meet with Jom Allerti. There Jom apologizes for the delays caused by dealing with Shunari and offers first contact with the Trisirus tribes along with whatever ‘loot’ they find with the tribes. Jom says that he will delay Imperial forces for as long as he can to give them enough time to investigate. He lets them know that the Trisirus colony can be found on Lunelle.

The team ventures to the Hassan planet and tries to get a job with Mythus Reth in using the translation device in the Trisirus library. However, while he has a desire to use it, the translation device is a highly illegal device and if he’s caught using it, he could be in serious trouble with the government. However, he does send the team some unimportant Trisirus translations to jump start the translation device’s programming. He then tells the team to see Cyril Lloyd.

The team meets with Cyrill who informs them that the Empire has ordered Tyrral Talus to be released into their custody. While Tyrral has had a strong desire to move up in the Empire’s ranks, Cyrill is confused why someone like Tyrral would catch the attention of the Empire enough to warrant an ordered release. The team discusses the possibility of a push to get Tyrral elected governor or someone elected who Tyrral will use as a puppet. Cyrill warns the team to watch their backs. He has no evidence that Tyrral has left the planet.

As the team leaves Hassan, they get reports from the landing towers of star fighters similar to the raiders that attacked them last time floating out in orbit. The team avoids the fighters and jumps to Lunelle.

On Lunelle, the team locates the colony which seems to be a medieval-esque village with no obvious signs of technology. After investigating it from orbit for a while, descend at dawn to meet with them. Two sets of guards come to meet them: A set of Bats and a set of Birds. Annubin meets the team and helps with the translation between everybody. It seems fairly early on that while the team is being treating as outsiders, the Trisirus don’t seem to be too aggressive. The team did notice that whatever was done for one side (i.e. the Birds) an equal thing must be done for the other. In other words, giving a gift to the Birds and not to the Bats would be an insult to the Bats.

Through a series of back and forths between the team and the Trisirus via the Twilight Council, as well as through their own research, the team discovers the following:

1. The Birds don’t seem to believe outer space exists and think that the team came from another part of the planet. The Bats declare this a victory for themselves as the team proves that outer space does exist.

2. There’s evidence in the talks that this was a regular colony for the Trisirus that was abandoned hundreds or thousands of years ago. The reason for the abandonment is unknown, though the team theorizes it could be related to the destruction of the citiies on Hassan and the disappearance of its Trisirus people.

3. There is evidence of a weak energy source buried within the mountains nearby. The Twilight Council believe that the secrets of their ancestors are there, but the mountains have been overrun by Ice Spiders.

The Twilight Council task the team with going into the mountain to find out what happened to their ancestors. The team agrees. Anubbin and his men will tag along, but will guard the entrance to the cave to make sure that their entrance is not blocked on their way out.

An Icy Situation
Episode #9

As the party travels towards the mountain range, Annubin North offers to temporarily remove the gene-lock from the translation device for twenty-four hours. This will allow the team to get into the mountains and explorer with Annubin and his men guarding the entrance.

The team enters the cave and after noticing some dangerously big icicles on the ceiling, Sorath Demora shoots them down. However, the crash of the icicles caused some unstability on the cave floor which sends T’ease into a pit filled with what looks like ancient Trisirus who fell victim to Ice Spiders.

After discovering that it would be difficult to climb directly out of the pit, T’ease explored further and found a hole which most likely led back to the surface of the cave floor further up ahead. Sorath and RX-47B explorer further along while Donovan Altair watched over T’ease. Soon, Sorath and RX came across a portion of the cave covered in Ice Spider webs which were thick strands lined with razor sharp ice shards. After clearing a few with their blasters, they discovered a hole that could possibly lead back to T’ease. However, they were cautious and wanted to confirm that this was in fact the correct hole.

The team decided to go back to Annubin and some camping items to allow T’ease to start a fire. The smoke traveled up the hole and came out around the middle of the web field, much further away from the first hole in the field. Therefore, it would require some further clearing of the webs, which were unfortunately not flammable.

In order to do so, Sorath and RX began clearing a path with their blasters. However, Donovan was never informed about the reason for the blasting and panicked, thinking that they were under attack. Donovan moved into position near the duo and opened fire, emptying his clip before his allies calmed him down. This caused T’ease to panic who dived into the hole and began to climb. Along the way, T’ease noticed that there were very small strands of Glorium lining the hole. Eventually, the party found T’ease’s ‘spider’ hole and pulled him out.

The team traveled down a bit further and were ambushed by trap door Ice Spiders. One grabbed RX and dragged him into its lair while another grabbed onto T’ease who managed to resist being pulled in. While RX was damaged, the party managed to kill the spiders and free the two, but not before RX noticed that the lair was lined with not only victims, but Glorium as well.

Not taking any chances, the team began the process of destroying anything that looked like it could be a trap door Ice Spider lair, killing off at least a dozen spiders before they had a chance to strike.

The team ventured further and soon noticed the cave shape was being too circular and smooth in appearance to be natural. The team theorized that a ship may have either crashed or burned its way in. The team soon encountered a large metal door which was locked behind a substantial amount of encryption. However, as Donovan began to work on it, a swarm of Ice Spiders attacked, including acid spitters, leapers, and web throwers. While the entire team initially all fought back against the creatures, it soon became apparent that the numbers would soon overwhelm them, so Donovan set off to open the lock. Luckily, his first go around with the lock, while it didn’t open it, let him learn a lot about the locking mechanism and he managed to get inside on the next attempt, the badly wounded team following soon after. Donovan closed and locked the door as the Ice Spiders crashed against it and screeched as they tried to get in.

The team found that they were on board a crashed Trisirus ship which had been stuck for 30,000 years in a low power state. Initially the ship’s security did not allow them to go further than the entrance, but Donovan soon fooled the computer into thinking they were Trisirus which allowed them entrance to the ship’s knowledge center.

Within the Knowledge Center, the team found that there was in fact another Trisirus on board. However, an amazing discovery about the Trisirus is that they are quick evolvers. Apparently, while the Trisirus in the village are the distant descendants of some of the survivors, some chose to stay or were trapped on board and evolved to live within the ship and to fight the spiders. However, the ship’s population is now just down to one. After learning from the ship that the Trisirus is feral, they decided to seal it within one of the Research Labs.

The ship was very curious to know the state of the ‘war’. While it didn’t reveal exactly who the Trisirus were fighting against, it began displaying biological data which led RX to believe that they were fighting the Oort. The ship also inquired about the ‘Phase Bomb’ and revealed that this Bomb was intended to be used to send the combatants into a parallel universe so that the war could be fought without further decimation to their own universe. Donovan theorized that this explains the ghost writing on Hassan. The computer did reveal that that there is a way to reverse the effects of the bomb, but did not go into detail.

As the team tried to figure out what to do with the ship, it revealed that it doesn’t matter what happens to the ship itself as long as the knowledge center data is kept safe. It extracts the data for Donovan and the knowledge center goes dark.

The team decides to explorer the remainder of the ship and comes across one of the research labs (other than the one with the Trisirus). The team opens the door and out puffed dust made of Glorium. Inside were shattered glass tanks filled with droids bursting with strands of Glorium.

The Future of a Past Mystery
Episode #10

The team closes the door into the Glorium filled research lab. They check one of the viewing windows and see that the Glorium seemed to start with the Droids and then burst out of them, infesting the machines around them and going through the room. After a further investigation, the team finds that the Glorium has gone through straight to Engineering, making the team come to the conclusion that the ship is not spaceworthy.

After making their way back to the Knowledge Center, T’ease declares that she needs to rest and recover, opting to go to the living quarters. Wanting to stick together, Sorath Demora uses his weapon to stun her, knocking her out for several hours.

The team decides to explore more of the ship, but RX-47B opts to stay behind rather than risking a Glorium infection. Sorath and Donovan Altair venture through the crew quarters and found numerous Trisirus skeletons (Bat and Bird), some huddled together next to what looks like the ancient remains of a campfire while others look like they died in some kind of battle. However, all throughout the crew quarters there’s evidence of massive fires. Sorath and Donovan do find some Trisirus artwork, mostly in the form of pieces of pottery and torn paintings which they recover for later.

The duo venture over to the research labs area and stumble upon a lab guarded by several security placements that had long since broken down. Donovan finds evidence in his downloaded Knowledge Center of something called a ‘Rotor’ that was stored in there. After making their way back to RX, they use a camera to view into the lab and find evidence that something was strapped to a table in the middle of the lab a long time ago, but had long since broken free. After T’ease finally stirred, the group ventured to the lab and found that the door had been broken down from the inside. T’ease ventures in and finds it empty of people with a little bit of Glorium. Donovan finds more information on the Rotor, but it was biological in nature so he sent it off to Fritz. Fritz soon returned with an answer. The Rotor was definitely Trisirus, but also had evidence of cybernetic and Oort.

Another big revelation was also found through the Knowledge Center: Glorium is in fact ancient dead Oort, turned into Glorium through years of geological pressure, though Trisirus scientists were looking into ways of speeding up the process.

Realizing that they had limited time left and finding no evidence that the Rotor was still alive after 30,000 years, the team decided to prepare to leave. After ordering Fritz to develop some safety measures, T’ease gathers the Glorium infested droids and stores them safely. They then order the ship to blow a hole out of the mountain so that they could escape with their acquired goods without having to go through the Ice Spider swarm again. However, during their cable ascent through the mountain, they were attacked by several Spiders. Luckily, they were dispatched without too much of an issue and the team escaped.

The team landed back at the village and met the Trisirus during the Twilight Council. They presented gifts to both the Bats and the Birds and revealed some of the information that they had discovered. The revelation of the fact that there was a Trisirus ship in the mountain seem to set off both sides and their arguing convinced the team that it was a good time to leave. However, Annubin North opted to stay behind after getting back his translator. It was strongly hinted at after the party left that he planned to become a slaver or sell the Trisirus to slavers.

Finally back in space, the team delivered their findings to Mythus Reth and Jom Allerti. The team flew back to Hassan and met Mythus back at the Jedi Temple dig site. The team offered the droids to him for a substantial price, which he happily accepted. After hearing more about their findings, Mythus revealed some further findings:

1. There was something called the Eclipse Event. On the night of an eclipse, the original sub-light long term space ship that the Trisirus sent out hundreds of years prior, returned. The Rotors were apparently on that ship and the event touched off something big.

2. There’s evidence of multiple planetary civil wars, but it seemed that one of the most significant ones was the most recent one between the western continent and eastern continent. The western continent was mostly industrial and the eastern was mostly agriculture and was responsible for feeding the west. However, some trade or political argument caused the east to cut off most food supplies to the west, which kicked off a war. The Oort fought for both sides, but the west eventually began to mistrust the Oort and forced them to live on a reservation in the middle of the continent

Mythus warns the group about Tyrral Talus and lets them know that raider activity is getting very bad.

The team, eager to get off of Hassan, finds a legit shipping job to Coruscant. The team hears of a job on Hassan to investigate the rumors of a Jedi in the swamp, but they decided to take off. Before they jump to Hyperspace, they are contacted by Jom, who gives them an encrypted message to be delivered by hand to Imperial Intelligence Officers, but it needs to be off the books (hence, it’s going through the team). The team agrees and goes into Hyperspace.

During the trip, R4-DT alerts the group that communications are going back and forth from the ship to an outside source. After investigating the ship for bugs and finding none, the team finds that these communications started happening after they took off from Lunelle, the Trisirus colony planet. The team looks into it and finds evidence that it may have in fact been Fritz sending the communications, which he denied. After R4 gave Fritz a thorough examination and then R4 himself went through one, both were off the hook. After Donovan took a close look at the communications, he found that the communications were coming in simple phrases which the other side would respond in kind or the reverse (Hello ; Hello… Friend : Enemy). Eventually, they all seemed to match rather than reverse and the team started getting communications from the outside, but it was only a simple phrase ‘Come To Hassan -’ and instructions on how to reach the coordinates… by tearing through the Hyperspace wormhole.


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