Star Wars

The Assault on Hassan Part 2
Episode #32

The team works out a strategy to get at Tyrral Talus. The team sends Kuna and some of her men into the main city to get a base and then the rest of the team sneaks through the sewers, disabling probe droids to avoid detection.

During the trip in the sewer, the team finds a groove in the sewer walls being carved as they run. The team was unable to figure out what was causing it, but it seemed similar to what a lightsaber could do.

The team makes it into the city and meets up with Kuna’s people before the team is discovered.

The team discovers that an executive meeting is occuring at the cybernetics lab, so they opt to go to an executive’s home in order to ambush the executive when he gets home.

After successfully breaking into the home, the team manages to get into the executive’s home office and break into his computer where they discovered that the focus of the cybernetics lab is transhumanism.

The Assault on Hassan Part 1
Episode #31

The team meets up with Kuna back at the mining colony and works out a plan. Knowing that they’ll be wanted by the Imperials, Kuna convinces the team to dismantle any of their own droids (including RX) and let her freeze the non-droids in carbonite in order to prevent detection. The team reluctantly agrees, telling her to deliver them to Mythus Reth.

The team awakens in the Trisirus library, with Mythus standing over them. They discuss the Rotor situation and he informs them that he has heard the Rotor knock back at the quarry where the live Oort was discovered. They discuss other things, but it’s become obvious that Mythus is NOT happy that they removed the Glorium battery from Fritz. He also mentions that the Imperials are doing a lot of research into cybernetics on Hassan.

The team eventually leaves the library and establish a base in some of the old city’s wrecked buildings. They soon hear the sound of TIEs as several bombers come out and bomb a site a few miles away. This is soon followed up by several platoons worth of Storm Troopers and AT-STs. The sounds of battle could be heard well into the night before it went silent and the the Imperials leave.

Sorath scouts the scene and finds a destroyed raider base. He soon is ambushed by a raider named Gar who Sorath quickly disables, but makes sure not to kill. He drags the man back to the base and it’s quickly discovered that this was a raider team working with Tyrral, but was soon betrayed and wiped out (though Gar found out that the boss got a note telling the boss to leave before the imperials go there). Gar agrees to help them, though his frustratingly low intelligence baffles the team a bit. He mentions that several of his people have been disappearing over time. He also has a cybernetic arm which while pretty ordinary on the outside, is transmitting a lot of data to a location in the city (not the government building). Donovan disables this transmission, hoping to lure the Imperials.

Meanwhile, After finding a potentially useful vehicle that is disabled, Kuna heads to the city ato gather up supplies to fix it and also scout out security measures.

Forest Madness
Episode #30

The team returns to the forest ‘droid-trader’ world where Shunari’s men are repairing their ship. They find out that Allen has had a breakdown due to having flashbacks to his time in the swamp on Hassan. They also find that the battle droids have gone into the forest for a little R&R. The team tries to find them, but finds little to indicate where they are except for a faint power source.

The team ventures out and soon encounters one of the battle droids being attacked by several ‘wire droids’ … they soon attack the group. Donovan tries to communicate with the droids and finds evidence that they are angered by what’s going on with the droid-trade on the planet. Donovan tries to break through further and finds that after breaking through some security systems, that some droids shut down after pointing towards a cave. Leaving RX and Sorath, he ventures to the cave while trying to shut more droids down. Unfortunately, a miscommunication in one of his data packets causes a giant bipedal scorpion droid to attack, armed with two of the battle droids as weapons! Donovan quickly falls to the droid which uses its tail to manipulate him like a puppet as it made its way towards Sorath and RX.

Sorath and RX, covered in wires from the destruction of many droids, see the scorpion droid coming, but still had to fend off more wire droids. Unfortunately, Sorath takes a nasty hit as he delivers his own devastating hit and is taken out of the battle. RX engages the scorpion and manages to finish it off… barely.

RX stims the party and they make their way to the cave, finding a mad science droid who was putting together droid amalgamations, including starting work on the battle droids. Sorath quickly puts an end to him and the team walks away with their battle droids and many droid parts.

To Save a Betrayal Part 2
Episode #29

The team plans out their attack on the enemy and comes up with a plan that will prevent them from being incriminated. They eventually corner the enemy along with some of his cronies. After a brief battle, the enemy is captured, knocked out, and then spaced.

The Transdoshan, satisfied with their mission, gets them a shuttle to the gang base. There, they meet Dash Trills, the gang leader who tells that he’ll have a job for them to do. He introduces them to the Weequay, Kuna. Kuna shows the team around, but pretty much restricts them to their own rooms, the cafeteria, or the gym. They are kept this way for several days and the team grows frustrated with the lack of a mission. The only thing that the team noticed was that people were asking quite frequently if they were willing to kill Imperials. After admitting eventually that they’ll do it if the price is right, they are brought to Jom’s room, who, after showing complete surprise that it was them, tells them that while this is a criminal base, Dash is a rebel supporter and allows him to work there. Jom offers them a deal. Work for the rebellion and have access to this station as their base along with the resources that it offers. In trade, they’ll do some work for the rebellion, including taking out Tyrral Talus. The team agrees.

To Save a Betrayal Part 1
Episode #28

The team is sent on a mission by Shunari to travel to an asteroid system to rescue Jom Allerti, who has been taken hostage by a rival gang. He then wants the team to lower the shields to the base to allow it to be destroyed by asteroids. However, in order to get onto the base safely, they’ll have to go to a nearby mining colony to schmooze their way into joining the gang.

The team ventures to the mining colony and mean a Trandoshan who they do several jobs for before he tells them that there’s one more job… they have to kill one of his rivals.

Reminders of the Past
Episode #27

The team lands on the planet in the Hassan system, but are heavily damaged by anti-aircraft weaponry. Upon leaving the ship, the team is attacked by a group of spice addicted bandits, but the team wipes them out. The team figures out that these bandits are most likely part of the spice addicted ship from an earlier mission.

The team enters the slaver facility and finds Annubin North and several living Trisirus, albeit in cages. The team takes some time to reprogram the anti-aircraft weaponry. Upon further exploring, several more spice addicted bandits attack, but as soon as they are wiped out, several more attack, but this time they are crazed with metal pieces sticking out of their skin, giving evidence that this is the metal spice. After defeating them and find more dead bodies, the team enters the security room and finds a message to the team from Thes who admonishes them for not taking her up on her deal and then tells them that she’s called the Imperials to this world.

The team scrambles and grabs North and the Trisirus before jumping into the ship. A star destroyer jumps into orbit and lets loose TIE fighters. Donovan buys the team some time by activating the anti-aircraft weaponry which takes out one fighter. The team makes it to space, but is nearly destroyed by a huge blast from the star destroyer. At the last second, the team jumps into hyperspace.

Unholy Dealings Part 3
Episode #26

The team discovers two Trisirus ziggarauts on top of a huge Glorium vein. It seems that the area is also somewhat tied to the ooze from the ancient race ship. The ooze seems to freeze objects and then make them disappear from existence.

During their exploration, a battle between raiders and Imperials begin in space. The Imperials quickly drive them off, but Tyrral Talus takes advantage and uses it to increase Imperial presence in the area.

After making the purchase of land and avoiding the ooze situation, the team heads back to Brentaal where Shunari asks them to save Annubin North who had apparently been overrun back in the Hassan system.

Unholy Dealings Part 2
Episode #25

The team goes to Hassan and finds an increased Imperial presence. The team ventures to the Eastern Continent and then into the strange irradiated lands contained therein.

Unholy Dealings Part 1
Episode #24

Team agrees to a deal with a Hutt to go to Hassan to purchase land filled with Glorium

The Origin Ship: Part 3
Episode #23

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