Star Wars

Agent Agenda

Episode #19

The team, motivated by the desire to free their funds, travel to Coruscant to find Zanatos. However, after descending to the lower decks, they are captured by Storm Troopers who take them back to a familiar police station where they are held hostage by the two Imperial Agents from earlier. They talk about potential whereabouts of Jom and Zanatos, but the only clear thing was that Zanatos and his family split up, most likely to avoid capture.

The agents suspect that the team was behind the issues on the spice planet in Hutt space and eventually the team admits to it. The agents mention that the world has been quarantined and the Empire wants to find out why and apparently skirmishes have been breaking out between the Hutts and the Empire as the Hutts try to prevent the Empire from getting too close. The Agents wants the team to go back to the world and get a sample of this ‘plague’. The team suspects that the ‘plague’ is in fact the Rotors. They discuss a strategy, but decide to decline the job.

The discussion soon turned to Glorium and the Rotors and the agents reveal that they have seen the Rotors before and their ‘particles’ have been detected on multiple worlds. The agents then quarantine the team on suspicion of carrying the Rotor particles.



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