Star Wars

An Imperial Gamble: Part 1

Episode #11

The team arrives on Coruscant and unloads the legitimate cargo before heading down to the depths to meet with the Imperial Intelligence Officers. They find that the location of the meet up is actually in an underground rave called Starfall. Not wanting to meet with Imperialsm, RX-47B opts to just be the driver for this adventure. T’ease and Donovan Altair go clothes shopping for appropriate attire. Knowing that the cost could come out of the ship’s fund, T’ease takes full advantage of the opportunity.

The two enter Starfall and find that while the building is completely run down, it’s filled with tons of flashing lights and loud music. They noticed that T’ease is the only non-human in here and they are getting stared at. Luckily, the men seem to be ogling her while the women seem to be angered/jealous. After getting a drink and starting to dance, one of the women ‘accidentally’ trips and spills her drink onto T’ease who turns around and gives the woman a severe tongue lashing.

The commotion that they caused lured in a very attractive human couple who separate T’ease and Donovan (hot woman with Donovan, hot man with T’ease) and reveal themselves to be the Imperial Agents. Donovan delivers the encrypted message and the female agent listen to it on ear buds, sharing one of the ear buds with Donovan.

Zanatos, this is Zamithar Barris. The situation here is getting dangerous. I don’t know how much longer the Separatist is going to be able to keep people out of the swamp. I’ve already seen several groups come in. I need you to contact my master in Candroon as I will need his assistance.

The female agent, while grabbing some rather inappropriate places on Donovan, states that they have been trying to grab Zanatos for a while and have been unsuccessful due to certain abilities that he has. Apparently he runs a casino called the Jervada Lucky in a pretty run down section of town. She asks if they can bring in Zanatos alive. T’ease and Donovan converse and then accept. The couple celebrate with T’ease and Donovan with inappropriate kissing and fondling and give them a code to contact them with via their com links.

The team meets up with RX later on and after digging through Coruscant’s archives to find more information on Zanatos, they decided to follow him home from his casino. They soon find him walking home with several guards as well as his wife and children. Apparently he had several houses that he lives at and rotates on a regular basis. Donovan follows them home, but practically as soon as the door closes, he feels extremely demotivated about the mission and starts heading home, but not before some unforeseen objects seem to slightly right out of the ground and almost trip him.

The team decides on a drastic action a day or two later. After purchasing some stun grenades, they grouped them together, waited for him to be walking home with his guards and family, and they flung the bunch at the group, while they spun around on a speeder to grab Zanatos. While the guards and family were practically knocked out, Zanatos stood strong and used what looked like the Force to spin the speeder out of control. Luckily, while the speeder lost all power, RX managed to make a soft landing. While Donovan began taking stun shots at Zanatos, RX uses his frag grenades to blow up the speeder while hopping into a delivery speeder nearby. As police sirens could now be heard, Zanatos tells them that what they are doing is wrong. Donovan finally brings Zanatos down with a stun. RX spins around to pick everybody up and they pull Zanatos into the car. However, as they sped away, the Imperial police speeders came into view and the chase was on…



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