Star Wars

The Glorious Spice: Part 2

Episode #17

The team disables the Glorium infested droid and then begins to hear a loud metal on metal tapping coming from where the droid was digging. Sorath begins to feel dizzy while RX suddenly remembers that this is where one of his squad members was left. He orders the team to dig, but after opening up a chunk of the wall, a yellow/orange substance covered in metal bits oozed out. It seemed like Oort-like, but soon formed into a Oort/Trisirus covered in metal bits. The team came to the conclusion that these were in fact Rotors.

Tendrils extended from it into the fallen droid and suddenly the droid began to crawl towards the team. A fight began, but while the team fought, more of these creatures began to form, especially near T’ease as an Oort like Trisirus appeared, but also in stalactite formations on the ceiling.

As RX had trouble distinguishing whether his memory banks were failing, he did what he could to fight off the Rotors’ influence. The team managed to damage some of the Rotors, but instead of dying, they exploded in an Oort webb, capturing RX and beginning to rewrite his memories. Donovan jumped and saved RX, but was himself severely damaged and burned by a Rotor who fell in a puddle shape on him and kept him tight to the ground. The team eventually freed him and got out of the passageway before blowing it up and sealing the Rotors inside.

The team then made their way through the mines and then finally came across an active mining room. The escaped slaves offered to talk to some of the mining droids to get a way to hide out. The droids agree to help and hide them in a mining cart. The team manages to get loaded up in a transport outside which they quickly take over soon after they depart.

Donovan manages to hack the Hutt’s network and draw up work orders to get them to the labs. The team arrives at the production facility and then are transferred into their own atmospheric transport which takes them to the lab.

The team ID a personnel entrance to the labs that should be lightly guarded. They instruct Allen to capture a ship that can take off immediately from the personnel entrance. Now, the team must finally complete their job by capturing the enslaved scientist and get off world.



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