Star Wars

The Glorious Spice: Part 1

Episode #16

The team gathers up the last of their equipment and sets off to PLANET, leaving Fritz and DT behind. Upon arrival from hyperspace, the team sends out a distress signal to the planet. Sorath meditates in private to communicate with the force and receives a vision of the future though he of course does not communicate that with the team.

The ship is promptly blown out of the sky by anti-spaceship guns. However, this was planned and the team (including Allen and his droids) escapes in a escape pod and crash lands on the planet. While Donovan and T’ease were shaken up, the team was mostly unscathed.

The team escapes some Hutt scouting parties and ends up at a rundown warehouse. The team investigates and finds evidence of people living there, though no one was there at the time. They decide to go around the warehouse and walk straight into a minefield, losing one of their droids in the process. The team goes back to the warehouse and sets up an ambush inside. When the residents return, the team captures them and takes away their weapons. While cooperative, some of the younger people were very upset with the team. The residents mention that they are escaped slaves and that they were out looking for food. There’s another bunch of escaped slaves that live with them that are still out on patrol. The slaves are kicked out, but are given their weapons back.

The team finds an older computer and reestablishes a network connection where they download more information about the factories and labs. Allen then warns the team of an incoming attack and the warehouse is heavily damaged by a passing craft. It turns around for a second shot, but the team and the slaves hide in secure ‘hidey-holes’ and while the shot destroys the warehouse, they survive unscathed, coming out only after some of the ground patrols investigate the warehouse and call it clear.

The team ventures north to a network of old mines that could get them past security forces blocking access to the factories and labs. After running into the slaves again, they offer to take the slaves with them when they leave the planet, assuming that they assist. The slaves nervously agree. The team ventures into the mines and come across a bricked up wall. The team blasts through it and hears sounds of mining.

After taking a few steps, the team sees a blood trail. They venture down a side passage and find the upper half of a torso and a mining droid. The team disables the droid and pops its head off only to find Glorium strands…



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