Star Wars

The Origin Ship: Part 1

Episode #21

The team arrives at the location for the Origin Ship and finds three ships: Two of an ancient empire that has since been greatly diminished (one ship was destroyed) as well as an ancient Trisirus ship (Origin Ship). After detecting a power source coming from the intact ancient empire vessel, they prepared to board it. Just before they did, they found it to be corrupted with Glorium. WIth extra precaution, the team enters the ship and finds themselves attacked by automated turrets. After disabling them, they continue to explore and encounter a member of the ancient race who tries to warn them off, but finds that it’s only a hologram. After fighting through several more turrets, the team arrives at the cafeteria, only to find that it contains several long dead, but burnt to a crisp force-users, still standing, seemingly trying to use their force powers to hold back something from where the group came from as well as hold back something from coming through another door.



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