Star Wars

The Quarantined Master

Episode #20

The team is quarantined, but are soon to be confirmed as clear of the ‘plague’. However, the agents still require them to be quarantined for the time being. The agents do let them out for a bit to discuss certain things, but purposely lead them back to their cells in a different manner and show that the facility is studying Rotors.

The team returns to quarantine but are soon met by the Inquisitor, Vu’rath. He taunts the group and demands to know where Master Ceyantes is. The group lets him know, but then he demands to know who let Jom and Zanatos know that he was coming. The team denies doing this, but he refuses to accept their answer. However, before things could escalate, the familiar Rotor knocking sound could be heard as Rotors attack the quarantine area, focusing on the Inquisitor. A Rotor pinned the Inquisitor to the ground and looked like it was going to devour him, but he managed to force push the Rotor away. However, a second Rotor burst through the floor and dragged him down.

The battle caused the cells to flicker and the team managed to escape. Guards burst into the room but ignored the team to go after the Rotors. Meanwhile, the Inquisitor used his light saber to battle the Rotor who formed one of his own! The Guards fired into the hole to help the Inquisitor, but found their shots repelled by one of the two sabers. The Rotor who was force pushed spread out over the ceiling and then rained down acid on the guards, killing most, but T’ease managed to rally them to fight back.

Meanwhile, the team escaped from the quarantine room and found the hallways filled with smoke and a self-destruct alarm sounding. The team managed to find their equipment while T’ease saved a scientist who was caught in the fire.

The team headed towards the weapons locker to get their equipment back but found themselves chased by the Inquisitor. The Imperial Agents helped delay the Inquisitor by a few seconds to give them time to escape. Unfortunately for T’ease, the time spent saving the scientist nearly cost T’ease her life via smoke inhalation by the time she reached the group. The team tried to get a respirator on her (as the rest of the group was wearing one), but the Inquisitor snatched it away using the force and she soon passed out. The team fled and managed to close a blast door to get away from the Inquisitor. They managed to escape just as the quarantine building imploded.

The agents part ways with the group, but not before telling them that Ceyantes needs to be found by the group to get his knowledge about the Rotors. If the Inquisitor gets to him first, the group would lose valuable information. They also let the team know that many worlds have this ‘Rotor Dust’ in its atmosphere and that every world that the team has been to has a stronger and more active dust.

The group travels to the acid world that held Ceyantes and found the entrance to a facility blocked off by Rotors. However, these Rotors were still. The team theorized that it was due to the constant acid rain causing them to be in a state of permanent regeneration. To be sure, RX calls out to Allen for a strafing run with the ship on the Rotors which caused no activity.

The team travels towards the facility and T’ease finds a sign that this is a prison for the Criminally Insane Force Users. The team enters the facility and finds it in a terrible state due to the acid rain bombardment. Apparently the facility and the droids hadn’t been maintained since around the Clone Wars. The team communicates with an AI system and finds that Ceyantes is a patient and is the only person here, staff or otherwise. However, there is also a strong Rotor presence in the facility.

They communicate to Ceyantes through the AI and after a discussion around trust, he gives them the coordinates to the Origin Ship, the ship that the Trisirus Sleeper Ship met with before returning back to Hassan with the original Rotors. He also stresses that he doesn’t know who or what is behind the Rotors. He also tells the group that he’s not sure what’s behind the Rotor involvement with hospital disappearances, only that it’s the wounded that disappear.

The team offers to free him, but he says that he’ll deal with the Inquisitor or at least free the Rotors to attack him. It became obvious that Ceyantes doesn’t completely trust the team and potentially suspects their involvement in Zamither Barris’ demise.



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