General Info

Career Hired Gun
Specializations Mercenary, Gadgeteer, Sharpshooter
Species Droid
XP Total 630
XP Available 0
Combat Stats
Soak Value 4+1+1
Wounds 19
Strain 12
Ranged Defense 1+1
Melee Defense 1+1


Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
3 4 2 2 3 1


General Skills
Skill Rank Dice Pool Career?
Athletics (Br) 0 Ability.Ability.Ability. Y
Coercion(Will) 2 Proficiency.Proficiency.Ability. Y
Cool (Pr) 2 Proficiency.Ability. Y
Discipline (Will) 2 Proficiency.Proficiency.Ability. Y
Leadership (Pr) 0 Ability. Y
Mechanics (Int) 3 Proficiency.Proficiency.Ability. Y
Perception (Cun) 1 Proficiency.Ability. Y
Piloting – Planetary (Ag) 1 Proficiency.Ability.Ability.Ability. Y
Piloting – Space (Ag) 1 Proficiency.Ability.Ability.Ability. N
Resilience (Br) 0 Ability.Ability.Ability. Y
Vigilance (Will) 1 Proficiency.Ability.Ability. Y
Combat Skills
Brawl (Br) 1 Proficiency.Ability.Ability. Y
Gunnery (Ag) 1 Proficiency.Ability.Ability.Ability. Y
Melee (Br) 1 Proficiency.Ability.Ability. Y
Ranged – Light (Ag) 2 Proficiency.Proficiency.Ability.Ability. Y
Ranged – Heavy (Ag) 2 Proficiency.Proficiency.Ability.Ability. Y
Knowledge Skills


Weapon Skill Damage Range Crit Special
Heavy Blaster Pistol Ranged – Light 7 Medium 3 Stun setting
Blaster Carbine Ranged – Heavy 9 Medium 3 Stun setting
Heavy Blaster Rifle (Sling, Spin Barrel, Superior) Ranged – Heavy 11+1 Long 3 Autofire (JR1), Cumbersome 2, Accurate, Superior, Quick Draw
Vibroknife Melee +1 (4) Engaged 1 Pierce 2, Vicious 1
Frag Grenade Ranged – Light 8 Medium 4 Blast 6, Limited 4
Stun Grenade Ranged – Light 8 Medium NA Disorient 3, Stun, Blast 8, Limited 3


Name Qty Mods/Notes
Implant Armor 1 Soak: 1
Armored Clothing 1 Soak: 1 RD: 1 MD: 1
Comlink 1
Datapad 1
Demolitions Scanner 1 +Boost to scan for demolitions
Emergency Repair Patch 6
Spare Reload 4
Electro Binoculars 1 Built in to optics
Tool Kit 1
Utility Belt 1 +1 Encumbrance Limit
Modular Backpack w/ 3 pouches 1 +6 Encumbrance Limit
Credits 13468


Type Specific
Cause Capitalism


Type Size
Blackmail 5
Criminal 10


Name Description
Sidestep 1 Suffer 1 strain to upgrade 1 difficulty die for incoming ranged attacks
Point Blank 2 +2 damage to ranged attacks at short or engaged
Toughened 3 +6 to Wound Threshold
Jury Rig 1 -1 Adv to activate Autofire on Heavy Blaster Rifle
Improved Armor Master +1 soak when wearing armor. +1 Defense when wearing armor with total base soak >= 2.
Tinkerer 1 +1 hard point to 1 piece of equipment
Dedication 1 +1 Agility, +1 Willpower
Second Wind 2 1/enc incidental to recover 2 strain
Confidence Reduce difficulty of fear checks by 1
Strong Arm +1 range on thrown weapons
Natural Marksman 1/session reroll a Ranged-Light or Ranged Heavy check
Lethal Blows 3 +30 to critical hit rolls
True Aim 3 On first aim action gain 3 upgrade to attack roll
Intimidating 2 Suffer strain to upgrade hostile or downgrade friendly Coercion check

The droid now known as RX-47B was initially BX-N2-103, the Fleet Intelligence Officer for the Separatist 103rd Fleet. A BX-series commando droid, he was in charge of fleet security as well as advising the admiral in command on intelligence operations and the findings that applied to fleet operations. Built around the core of an existing Trade Federation fleet, the 103rd fought through the entire Clone War in both the Outer and Inner Rim operations. While it was not linked to any of the wholesale orbital bombardments, it did conduct limited strikes in support of ground operations. In addition, the 103rd was part of the fleet supporting General Grevious at the Battle of Coruscant. After the defeat at Coruscant, the 103rd fled into the Outer Rim and was forced to keep running as Republic forces pursued.

During the pursuit, BX focused on trying to determine possible safe locations to regroup, but locations kept being found and attacked. After a while, he finally came to the conclusion that the Separatist cause was doomed and was mildly surprised that his loyalty programming didn’t prevent him from deciding to get out while there was still time. As an officer in the admiral’s staff, it was easy for him to commandeer a fleet collier and divert any possible searchers. As the fleet moved on, BX turned to Hutt space, reasoning that the Hutts were one of the few groups willing and able to launder his origins discreetly.

After some quiet digging, he settled on Alateen Marcos, a Bothan crime lord specializing in slicing and smuggling. Marcos accepted a trade of the military supplies in the collier for new identities and appearances for BX and the collier. After the transformation, the new RX-47B settled it working as an independent pilot loosely associated with Marcos’s shipping network. RX spent most of the next decade working the Outer Rim, covering various smuggling runs in his normal random wanderings. Over time, RX decided that Marcos’s jobs just weren’t worth the effort and finally cut ties after doing one last job. The job was actually a favor to an associate, picking up a couple of lost assets on the run.


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